Dirty throbs of heart influence my tidy cranium
With Banal beats beat my body all the time
Birds hover all-round the sky, I am wingless all the time
This wall I think loves my sweat
While the sweat loves the air

Leaving for the jungles,
To the greens of new world
However bonhomie is like fair
Havoc in Posing of restlessness
I cause, I feel

I live with a restless mind
euphoric episodes of nonsense
making it harder to face the day
searching, grasping for illusive light
Will come any time soon

When Morning aroma sooths my burns
Like It rains acidic for all the time
If garner of garden loves the fruit
Amazingly why then fruits are bitter
Oh! Take my body as payment
I need to get painted
She is being adorned and beautified by me leaves me blind

Sun rises,moonsleeps,tides agile more phobia
All this era requesting the God of Devastation
Birds while narrating themselves used all the bloody quells
Your affable smile sprinkles venom Then,may you die!

My legs, my shoes are tired
And your head your thought
When you cry out at my time
As an ill prophecy
If I am cryptic,you are nude
I will despoil you and I will take you

I continue to curse while cursing my right…

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