SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora reunites a Non-local woman from West Bengal with her family

Family hails SAKHI Bandipora’s efforts

Bandipora: A non local 35 years old women, AratiInduar, who lost her way in Kashmir while she has come from West Bengal and was wandering into orchards of Sumbal of District Bandipora. She was found by some local youth and shifted to Sumbal Hospital where she was staying for more than 5 days. When SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora got to know about her, they approached the lady and counselled her who at that time was under great stress and depression. The said lady was shifted from Sumbal Hospital to SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora and provided shelter for complete 27 days and nights with all possible facilities like food, clothing, medical assistance etc.
With close collaboration and help of District Administration, Bandipora under the headship of District Magistrate, Bandipora, Dr.Owais Ahmad (IAS), District Police headed by Mr. Mohammad Zahid (JKPS), DuarExpressmail (anti human trafficking social group from West Bengal), JKSWM (I.A.for OSC) and all time cordial coordination and support by 181 – Women Helpline, J&K, especially its Consultant, Ms Sneha, the family members of the lady were brought to Bandipora and the women was reunited with his family after more than 35 days of hard efforts by SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora.
While talking to the media fraternity, Centre Administrator, SAKHI OSC Bandipora, Miss IshratAyoub, said that after receiving the information regarding a non local lady AratiInduer, who was much distressed, timely immediatie intervention was made by SAKHI Bandipora. She informed that a lady namely Arati Induar was found in a nearby orchad at NesbalSumbalBandipora all alone, and handed over to Sumbal Hospital authorities. While talking to her she was not able to give proper statement, as she was somehow disturbed. Then proper psycho-social counselling was provided to her thrice and finally she was taken by SAKHI Team and was provided shelter at SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora, J&K for 27 days. At SAKHI – Bandipora, she was facilitated with psychiatric checkup, counselling session to get her out of the depression and trauma like situation, clothing, food, sanitary kit etc.
Miss Ishrat told that with the close coordination and assistance from all the concerned agencies like 181- Women Helpline, J&K, District Administration, Bandipora, District Police Bandipora, District Police Alidurpuar, West Bengal, JKSWM and DuarExpressmail, the whereabouts of the lady where traced out and was called to Jammu and Kashmir. After, completing all the legal formalities, the women was handed to her family members including her husband AjoyInduar.
The women , who strayed into Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir, while travelling from West Bengal, was finally handed over to her husband by SAKHI Bandipora team on Saturday evening in presence of officers/officials of District Administration, Bandipora and District Police, Bandipora. The women is hale and hearty with new dress, footwear and women essential kits offered by SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora.
“While handing over her to her family members, the lady was smiling and was seen happy” an official from OSC said.
While talking to the media fraternity, the women told that she was offered timely meal, eatables, new footwear, a new dress and even a visit to a nearby temple for Poja was arranged by SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora for her, that has made her fan to SAKHI Team and their family like behaviour. A woman official of SAKHI Bandipora was also deputed by them to take care of her,” she added.
The family members extended their gratitude for timely intervention by One Stop Centre, Bandipora due to which the women was saved and reunited with her family. As per the statements of the locals and non locals, SAKHI – One Stop Centre, Bandipora has played a great role in reunion of the strayed lady with her family. The behaviour and the facilities provided at SAKHI Bandipora, has left AratiInduar surprised when she says “I will miss this place as it was not less than a home to me, especially during my bad days when non was with me, these SAKHI’s stand like pillers to me. I am thankful to all its members, staff and officials, as I will never forget the love I had received at SAKHI BANDIPORA”