Say ,No to smoking

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

It is clearly written on every pack of cigarette: “Smoking is injurious to health”.Inliue of this, the spirit of smoking is accerlating its pace day by day.Majority of people learn this habit from their home and family and become young, that is, they are inherently addicted to smoking.Some people who are neither amateur smokers nor addicted to cigarettes but are affected by the smoking of others and their emission of smoke into the environment.
Each year, seven million people die worldwide from smoking alone, far more than the global Corona pandemic, which is causing panic in the world today. The number of people suffering from lung diseases is about tens of million which is cause of worry.
We can easily quit smoking if we want to.
All it takes is one thing that we don’t need to buy from the market, but we already have for free.
All we have to do is use it and this is our determination and self-control by using which we can easily quit smoking which will give us so much energy and strength that we will be amazed.
As soon as we quit smoking we feel a little restless and lethargic. The mood also gets a bit bad but instead our pulse starts to improve and our body temperature starts to return to normal.
After two or three days, the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide in our blood is reduced to less than half, due to which the amount of oxygen in the blood increases, which makes the process of purification of blood inside a person faster.*
Gradually, cough, cold, and mucus begin to subside .If we spend a week without smoking, let’s say we’ve traveled more than halfway.
As time goes on, our breathing becomes normal.
Our lungs heal perfectly,the risk of breast infection, TB, pneumonia and cancer is averted.
Our physical age increases,the risk of cardiac arrest is also reduced
In addition, the digestive system is significantly restored.
In this way we not only become mature citizens but also become responsible instead of being a burden to our family and society as a whole.
Therefore not to indulge in this habit in your home or family, and do not sit in the company of such friends.*
Those who smoke and those with whom we sit, even though we are smoking cigarettes, are exposed to the disease without any reason.
Anyway, present smoking takes us to marijuana and heroin till tomorrow, after which our life and death become meaningless and all the loss is borne by our society as well as our family .*
Let us say ,No to smoking before it is too late

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