Search for a treasure – A Short Story

Rayees Ahmad Kumar

In a far off village, Sultan a peasant lived along with his wife Jabeena and his four other sons. Sultan always worked in his feilds to feed his family. But the only thing which displeased the peasant, was the laziness of his four sons. They never would do any work, instead were wandering through the lanes of the village. One day the peasant told his wife. ” I am still working in my land at this age, but what would happen to my sons ? They have never done any hard work neither have they ever gone to the fields.

His wife replied him, ” with the passage of time they would also work in the fields and don’t be worried. Time passed but the peasant’s sons didn’t do any work. One day he was ill and for a long time he was bedridden. He asked his wife to make a telephonic call to his all four sons. She called all her sons and accompanied them to their father.
Sultan said, now it is certain that I would not be alive for long. My days are now numbered and shortly I would be a dead person. But the only thing which is annoying me is your laziness and i always think what will happen to you people in my absence.
So he said to his all the four sons My Sons, What I have earned my whole life is lying beneath the ground of my fields. After my death you must go to the fields, dig the land and get that treasure i have stored there. Hearing this all the four of his sons were happy. Sultan died after a week or two. Only few days after his death, all the four brother went to the fields to dig out the treasure. From morning to evening they all worked hard and dug the whole land. They didn’t find any treasure below the ground. They all turned back to their home. After reaching the home they said to their mother. Mom, our father was a lier , we didn’t find any treasure below the ground in the fields despite digging the whole of it.
Their mother replied them. My Sons , your father had built this big house and had worked in the fields to feed me and you during his whole life. You have dug the whole land, now you shall sow the seeds in the fields. Then they sowed the seeds, watered the land and after some time when the crop was ready for the harvest. They harvested it and sold. It yielded them an enough income. Then their mother said to them, your hard work is the actual treasure and your father too meant the same.
Rayees Ahmad Kumar
Qazigund Kashmir