Shiite religious leaders suspend Friday congregational prayers, Shab-e-Qadar, Youm-e-Qudus gatherings, 21 Ramadhan processions..

Budgam, April, 28: As the number of Coronavirus cases grows rapidly in Kashmir Valley, the Shiite religious scholars have joined hands and appealed people to avoid congregational gatherings and follow Covid-19 related guidelines in letter and spirit.

Both factions of Anjuman Shari Shian led by Aga Syed Hasan and Aga Syed Hadi and Majlis Ulema Imamia Jammu and Kashmir that is an amalgam of multiple Shiite Associations have asked people to stay away from large religious gatherings on coming Shab-e-Qadar.

They have cancelled Friday congregational prayers till the effect of pandemic recedes.

They have also appealed people from Shia Sect not to be part of massive processions taken out every year on 21 Ramadhan on the eve of martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Ali (RA). Besides Youm-e-Qudus gatherings have been suspended as well.

“People should avoid large gatherings and if a religious gathering is small, Covid-19 SOPs must be followed there properly,” said a Shia Scholar.

“Congregational Friday prayers are cancelled. There will be no large religious gatherings. Small gatherings will be allowed, provided people follow Covid-19 related SOPs.”

“The Shia clerics are keen to promote social distancing and avoid religious gatherings, to curb the virus’ transmission,” he said.

Both factions of Anjuman Shari Shian have appealed volunteers to help people in distress and keep the stock of Oxygen ready for the needy.

Aga Syed Hadi, president one of the factions of Anjuman Shari Shian said that social distancing is a mandatory religious task if there is any possibility of passing the virus to others. He added that anyone showing symptoms of the virus that causes Covid-19 should self-isolate and avoid putting others at risk. Anyone who passes the virus intentionally to someone who subsequently dies is considered a murderer……