By Suhaib Idrees Lateef

Like a Green ambiance with a Particular Green lush meadows, the grown up young Apple orchards milieu over the vast areas. The scent lustrous beauty with much frigid cold waters from the little to small fresh springs waters budding out of rocks, The road side Lea’s and pasturages along the total way length marks my hilly Coniferous and fir confined District, Shopian…
The People are so soothing with a majestic quality of wellness, goodness with a fondness of Love, sympathy and affection. The people are well educated intelligent and intellectuals on one side and few unaware Shopianities, living in villages attached with a business of Cow rearing. Much of population are rotatoryGujjar Bakerwal dynasty. Coming on Shopian’s multitudinous and multidimensional status.
It is situated on the historical road commonly known as Mughal Road as most of its area is occupied by Forests. Shopian district comes under the Pir Panjal Range which makes it very cold in winter.
Shopian is known worldwide for its fresh fruits like Pears, Berries, Cherries, and most importantly for Red Apples, accounting to ‘Apple Town’ of Kashmir.
In Intellectual pathway, Shopian has been Mother to so many great and towering cerebral and scholarly heads and vanguards. Among them In the Religious Community ,the most counted ones like Ghulam Ahmad Ahrar, Molvi Amin Shopian (R.A)- Both the founders of Jamaat-e Islami Jammu & Kashmir,
Anwar shah Shopiani (R.A).-Anwar Shah Shopiani, was a Kashmiri Islamic preacher, scholar and poet. was the founder of Ahl-i Hadith movement in Jammu and Kashmir.
These towering religious leaders have contributed thoroughly towards Islam in full enthusiasm in the District.
Mohammad Ayoub Thakur- One of the Chief Nuclear Scientist from the Valley was from the hamlet of Shopian. His understanding has presented such a roaring intellectualism. His inmates often regard him a great Instructor, great Islamist and noble ideal person with the characters of Great highbrow and psychologically active and faithful person.
Shameem Ah Shameem, Mohammad Yousuf Taing and various other eminant and lofty heads counted among the gigantic personalities of the Valley.
Shopian, one of the most volatile districts of South Kashmir. The daily routine encounters, The daily based Street Protests have often discouraged the rising economy contributing inwards and outwards, could prove a back source for the Valley.
The whole district counts for limitless talent both on national as well to state resources.
Recently pass out Student, Adeeba Taq had contributed, filled the whole Valley with altogether and utter joy, as she was only student qualified for mechanical engineering in Princeton University of Washington, the University had produced more than 25 noble laureates. The delight and Gratification was much clear on faces of both parents.
Late Abrar Reyaz, recent Covid victim-Abrar, after passed his tenth Class with a greater 90 percentile, joined the course of Deptt of Legal Studies at Central University of Kashmir, bringing Laurel’s and presenting Central University at certain national at international events. The international event at Nuremberg, Germany was worth remembering and Abrar was often comparing the wale and pain of Kashmir with the secular freedom spot Germany. His team got the Laurel of second position in the competition, in which universities from more than 60 countries participated.
He was having a deep knowledge related to his field, A grass craving for his Subject.
Raja Ishfaq Lateef – Educationist, Student, Writer besides an Engineering graduate is sojourning in the structurural works, free willed for his District to work.
Aadil Hamid – A young boy, among brotherly relations has set all to turn from an Educationist to business entrepreneurship is at all ready to dwell in Markets of Shopian.(Almighty bless).
Not a cent of dearth in terms of ability, aptitude, capacity but a complete and full potential among the charmful youth is seen, witnessing towards efficient and short term development to district, as only 13 years old, the District is.
Not only this, many more good students are driving for UPSC besides other Civil Services exams and other national level exams.
Requesting Administration, for a complete support and cooperation especially in terms of Education, Scholarship and Schooling alongside with a Library for National and State Impetus.
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