Significance and Importance of Eid Milad-un-Nabi

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. The religion Islam has completed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Holy Quran is the last sacred book revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The last messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW) is the man of trustworthy, honesty, and mercy among all human beings.  Holy Prophet (SAW) was born in Mecca on Monday 12th Rabi ul Awal in 571 C.E. Rabi ul Awal is the 3rd Islamic month which has significance in Islamic history as the whole humanity has been blessed by the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in this holy month.

Muslims all around the world celebrate Eid Milad-un- Nabi in the holy month of Rabi ul Awal. Other than the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) this holy month of Rabi ul Awal has significance due to some other occasions held in it. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began his journey of Hijrah during this month and also built the first Mosque of Islam, Masjid Quba in this month. The first Jummah was also established in this month.

Muslims decorate and well-lit streets, mosques, shrines, and residential areas with colorful lights on Eid Milad-un-Nabi. Food, sweets and other offerings are also distributed among Muslims on the day of Eid Milad-un-Nabi. The birth date of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is also known as Mawlid on this holiest day in majority Muslim countries there is a national holiday. Muslims sung Naat and chant in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is believed that followers listening to these recitations get worldly and heavenly rewards.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi is a day to remember the teachings and kindness of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the believers regard His birthday out of a desire to show their love and devotion to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  It is an important day for the Muslims as they start the day by offering Namaz and take part in other ritualistic customs. The message of peace, love, mercy, sacrifice, human dignity, dialogue, diversity, and coexistence is the most important message taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Eid Milad-un- Nabi reminds us this message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

On Mawlid of the Prophet (SAW), Muslims make gatherings for the hearing of Sira (Life) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and distribute food to people and bring happiness to the Ummah. The basic purpose of celebrating Eid Milad-un-Nabi or gatherings is an effective and efficient means for the calling people to Islam and educates children about the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Also remind the nation about the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) good character, his way of worshipping, and his way of treating people.

Allah Almighty says in Noble Quran: “Say to them: If you love Allah, follow (and love and honor) me, and Allah will love you” (Quran, 3:31). From this verse of Holy Quran, we came to know that Allah Almighty asks the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to remind his nation that it is essential for those who claim to love Allah, to love His Prophet (SAW). We should send Durood in excess on Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

May Almighty Allah guide us to follow the right path and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)! Ameen

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