Souls Have Secrets

By Burhan

A white carpet was weaved on snow in which the stains were adding relish to agonies. Kittu was yelling as his grave was shrunken and his ribs crossed over each other. Kittu was young and star youth of his tribe called Salkhan. Pensively wants someone to help. As God was on his acceptance throne, a young bony man came to know Kittu`s goodness. Kittu meowed, “Today was the weird situation, if you were, you will cry too”.

The man spread his hands on Kittu’s smooth black attire to console. Kittu again meowed but now bravely, “From here the end begins”. It nearly shocked man’s wits how so called lower class black cat from Salkhan can be so brave, he beckoned Kittu to open the story.

“It was the time when streams gush over the rocks and remain hidden till they emerge at wood sleeves, the sky was kindled by sun and all dorsal feet were healing to smooth. I was on the routine rambles with my menacing chums to sale our grace to our dreamt black queens; I was the only in my circle who couldn’t sale it. One day a purchaser was on my shop’s edge, charismatic but with a pinch of arrogance to reduce my price. There was no fleck visible like the summer sky but her aroma was weathered by white sheath. It appalled and I made a U-turn to shun and evade as my shop was sealed. Nalu, Latu and Batu all were appealing my step as it was my only milk theft. I avoided but I got a new intuition.

Next day we were sauntering after a long nap I found Tooji herself stained three black dots. I approached hurriedly and asked, “Oh! Whitish what does these mean” “Every dot has its mean”, Tooji replied. “What”, I bulged.

With blushing face she downed her eyes, “One for you, another for us and third for Salkhans”. From inside her heart was mine now.

Then I wandered in world of stars where plants walk and fishes have wings. “Sometimes sun rise on west”, I pensively mentioned. From then we shared hundreds of milk thefts and naps to bewilder humans. Even humans were gratified whom we were annoying.

After months that day I wasn’t jealous of the freedom of wind, as both the tribes were migrating to Upthaar Hill sleeves to spent winter there. This migration was temporary just to get rid from freezing breeze in our native area Xchach Gola. We were prowling separately from our families to acquire eloquence of tranquility by sharing lusting memories. We were about to share our breaths, unhopefully a long haired Balkhan came along with his army holding a pouch of pebbles and were nearly to desolate my soul, at sudden Tooji urged, “Dada, forgive!” “This was our first and last sin”, pleased.

A cloud busted at me, Tooji was the younger daughter of Rabaz, Balkhan tribes supreme leader, whom I was longing for years to teach him what we feel when we meet our brothers whose wounds bleed hate for you, at their funerals. But you know we all have an obstacle called love. We know what we want to do, but we don’t want to hurt those whose hearts are our possessions by abandoning everything in order to pursue our dream. So as everyone I remained gazing till I swoon. Till now I was in a dream with my father who advised, “Son the world is full of obstacles, whenever you fought with them and came through all, you are in nobles and you will achieve all you want” I replied, “Is this secret of success”

“No, secret of success lies in your soul, when it stops straying on desolations, and follows the streets of positivity, son you got it”

“Hey human, are there classes too in you”, Kittu questioned the man.

“No, no, no……. we have brotherhood”

Pensively the man was feeling ashamed.

Kittu lamely paved his path through the Upthaar Hills. On his way he met a saint under a chinar tree with a bonfire praying his strange prayers. He looked Kittu strangely and murmured, “Fight obstacles”. It stopped Kittu’s steps and he hurriedly replied, “How you know about my dream”. The saint remained silent and offered a carved chinar wooden sheet, and said, “Open it when you reach sleeves”.

As advised Kittu opened it and found words carved in a strange language which no one can interpret in their neighborhood.

Another night Kittu again had a dream and found his father reading this wooden sheet, “When you want something with all your heart, your soul stops straying on desolations” and ended up with, “Souls have secrets”

Dawn was nearly to swoon and sun has made a way to day. Kittu was in a deep thought, “I have a soul, and I may be a secret” smiling lonely and again thought “I may be a secret behind ending up the tyranny over Salkhans”. Within a day Kittu made an armed military of Salkhan youth and named it Souls having Secrets.

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