Spending ENOUGH time on Display screen is CURSE

By Umer Bashir

Due due Pandemic and Regular lockdowns , the social and civil life of whole world altered into new world called as screen world and without this world doesn’t have any other option of replacement that very civil , services and social life. In the same way , the organised system of schools , colleges and University Class has also changed from offline or we can say Direct contact class system to online system , but this very change had divestated the minds and physiology due to continue watching of screen displays as some icons of this screen display are much captivating , even they have power to forgive real job of class and turn minds onto itself , as if those minds are young , innocent and immature they get easily derailed.
Present world is known by its fast moving and globalisation , and one cannot remain few moments apart from those smart assets , but that doesn’t mean if world is getting smarter and humans should behave daffer . Students who taking classes on mobile phones have become addicts of screen due to regular use , spending of time even after done there Classes , and this has effect there health as well as physiological seriously , which may be grave and hot issue in future. However this wasn’t considered as this was the only option in the pandemic but this screen usage is addiction and it entraps very Swiftly minds and those too be young , innocent and immature .
For the reading and studying , it needs focus , concentration and attention but due to icons of this screen of different backgrounds hampering that attention and focus , which neither give real benefit of online classes but impacts other grave effect like derail of attention , and mind on other icon which is addictive , so this is the serious concern regarding online and excessive use of screen.
Due to continue use , it effects on shortness of Temper due to availability of hectic icons , that makes it worse and sequeezes temperament. The overuse display effects on the disorder in the sleep , calmness and peace as addiction doesn’t remain these things in a constant level. Radio waves are not the only reason for such symptoms. It is the sad reality,
that nowadays students, especially of lower level, experience lack of social and civic contact, and they try to compensate it by mobile-phone communication, which is not an adequate substitute for personal
intercourse. As most of the students belong to the section of Adolescence , Adolescence is not an easy period of life, and at that time a young person is especially vulnerable. In cases of excessive mobile phone use there is a possibility of becoming addicted to the phone; the real world seems to fade in comparison with hours-long chats and hundreds of messages.These aspects cause psychological problems, as people start to feel uncomfortable in face-to-face
communication. There are other lot of curse effects like According to modern researches, the most menacing problem is connection between cell phones and
cancer. Even though the data remains controversial, most scientists agree that there is a certain threat from using cell phones too much. It is reported, that people who talk on the phone for several hours a day are 50% more likely to develop brain cancer. The reason for this is the radio waves produced by mobile phones. It is calculated, that every minute the human brain receives about 220 electromagnetic
impulses, which are not necessarily harmful, but which definitely affect the brain in cases of prolonged impact. Recent studies report two types of brain cancer may occur – glioma and acoustic neuroma. Apart from cancer risk, mobile phones influence our nervous system. of excessive use of screen display but the most destructive is , whence any student is performing any exercise on screen , like exams etc , that time He /she may use Google an option of copying , which is destructive for his carrier and will show the pseudo of his elders regarding exams. So when exams are not of impressive or Protective then watching any of our sibling hours of screen is quite disturbing and destructive for his carrier , life and academics.
Protect your Children from this addiction by asking them less use of displays , beneficial for there health as well as for academic.

..by UB