Stop harassing  women in  working places

By Sakshi Khindri

Today we live in 21 century but our society force our women to live still in 19th century .In today’s world women still have to struggle to become independent because of many reasons like society, family etc.
If a woman is capable to give her best performance rather than men she gets rejected. Why? Only because she is a woman she has no ability to make a right decision.

As recent economic and social changes have changed power relations between men and women in the Indian society, men are feeling a sense of insecurity. With women now being empowered, some men feel threatened by their career advancement. To overcome such insecure feelings, some men resort to harassing women in the work place.
Sometimes men are stressed in the work place because even after putting their best, they do not get proper recognition, where as women with little talent are preferred for being weaker section in an organization. This sometimes causes frustration in them and such men resort to sexual harassment to overcome their stress.
Research says, In Haryana 7 out of 10 women face harassment at work place only 1 out of 10 discuss the issues with colleagues , family or higher authorities only 2% of women are vocal or file complaint. Most women are scared of losing their job so the issues of sexual harassment are not taken up seriously. Both men and women are insensitive towards the victim.
No confidentiality is maintained if there is a complaint against any sexual harassment besides lack of awareness about the rights, roles and responsibilities of the aggrieved person.
Lack of awareness about the constitution and duties of the concerned authorities, due to such ignorance and no action, sexual harassment at work place is rising beyond control.
Why can’t men think about the impact of bad touch on woman’s mind and how it feels? It gives a permanent mark to the body of women, she always feels disgusting. Your one touch gives her all time bad memories.
This is happening to the women only because we are allowing it to happen. If we are not taking stand against this crime how can we stop it? If a woman wants to take any action she is threatened or gets fired from her job.
When people pass comments at work place can anybody think how she feels that moment? She feels undignified, eye scanning the curves sensing the hand slide. When men boast about their masculinity with utmost pride she appears perfectly calm outside, yet broken inside seriously. They treat us in work place as if we aren’t human being but some lollipop flavors to them. When rumors and jokes become so intolerable and outrageously bizarre it can leave a scar for life.
When we try to raise our voice against your advancement you blame us for smiling and indecency, trying to justify sexual harassment

.We Bleed
.We Bear
. We Feel
.We Fear
.We Hate
.We Love
.We create
.We tolerate
Till how many times should we ignore and forgive in the name of mere mistake.
How long can we say we are stronger.At what point should we say
WE Can’t take it any ( Longer)