But what we are doing we are just counting numbers, sharing post’s, and passing judgements.
Suicide is a worst step of ending or taking life intentionally. This has become a common trend among the youth of so-called 21st generation, trend in the sense when we wake up early in the morning, we all hold our morning newspapers and the first news we get and makes us tremble is YOUTH ALLEGEDLY HANGS SELF TO DEATH, YOUTH COMMITS SUICIDE.
WHY??? what are the reasons behind this?
We all are in muddle what is the actual reason why they left behind destruction, why they left their parents and loved ones in confusion.
Is unemployment a reason, domestic violence a reason, common disorders or the most important DRUG ADDICTION.
Yes, drug addiction is the biggest reason because more number of youths are falling to it day by day. This is the reason behind their behavioral change. A drug addicted person stuffers from many problems e.g anxieties, insomnia, crime’s, short temper, silliness, and most importantly Depression. And this DEPRESSION is the main reason behind SUICIDES.
Suicide actually is a natural death caused by Depression. I think depression is not more than a mental state, it can be easily avoided by being sociable.
Suicide is a crime, a sin, a worst step, and never ending pain to loved ones by their loved ones. And it has become a leading cause of death among the youth of 21st century. Suicide like steps are totally unacceptable by each and everyone. This step is totally HARAM in ISLAM. So far as the Constitution of INDIA is concerned under section 309 this is actually related to mental health and punishment for those who are supposing to take their life intentionally. A common disorder among the youth of 21st generation is hypertension and phobia of facing problems, ups downs, struggles, as life is surely not smooth path, it is laden with encumbrances of melancholy and failures but that doesn’t mean one would let these hitches get into his or her head.
many of us are suffering in the quagmire of Depression and we don’t feel safe to share our thoughts and problems with anyone, as we are engaged with so many people on internet our lives have become more aloof and advanced and this shit is totally without sympathy. Real comfort can be seen only in a genuine meeting with genuine people, and not being social is also a reason behind SUICIDES. Just come out from this shit try to be social,  avoid internet and other addictions, spend your time with your family share your thoughts with them, try to meet regularly with your friends, make a strong bond with relatives, consider neighbours your next family and you will definitely catch some changes. When you start loving them you will never find the worst step of Suicide.
It is time to think together how to reduce the number of Suicide cases, we have to take steps collectively, lives can be protected. if you feel someone around you is sad, depressed, hopeless start examine what is the issue and try to solve together. And yes if someone among us is feeling low,  having suicidal thoughts try to seek help because there is no shame in seeking help, take proper counselling, engage yourself with different activities. Don’t let your loved ones to cry for you. This is totally not an option think properly accept the reality and make a belief that whatever happens is always good for us, start sharing your thoughts which pinches you internally, think about your parents, think about your permanent world, try to surrender the bad addictions like DRUGS as it completely plays havoc in one’s life. take a proper consultation, have faith on ALMIGHTY, spend your time with family, they realy need you.
“Their body has turned blue
Their screams were very slow
They tried so harder,
They lost their self, they lost their pain, they lost their struggle, they lost their Depression,
Now they lost everything, everything
Million tears, billion questions
Why they surrender, why they surrender
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