Suicide Is Not An Option

By Aneeqah Shah

Suicidality is something that can be inherent part in one’s life especially for those who are hopeless, dreamless and have fear to live their lives happily. The talented persons who were the kings and queens of their life once lost track & disappeared into nowhere when they witnessed harsh of fate.
That is the step they took when their dreams didn’t come true as they were facing strange situations in every aspect of their lives. They thought of becoming this & that but couldn’t, that made them lose themselves & their confidence. Most of the individuals are not achieving their goals as there is not such a good task happening to them. Nowadays, they are passing from depressed life. Their center of success makes a buzz here & there in whole valley, but they suddenly commit suicide as they lose their dreams, by not getting what they wanted.
There is help and hope available. It doesn’t work smoothly though. They are attempting suicide & that is wrong way and never an option to overcome these strange tasks. They are attempting suicide & express themselves like that after finding it too difficult to find to tell their stories. They let their parents to drown into tears as they get discouraged by life. They lose their confidence.
Just listen to them, be really honest and make good about them & do what you can do. Suicide is not an option to overcome challenges. These people think that suicide is the only way to overcome harsh situations but this is wrong. Dreams are waiting, the wind is whispering toward and saying that things might be hard but you need to remain strong to grow & prosper. Suicide is an infinite loop of death & thus in our prestigious religion Islam, considered Haraam.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, ”He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the hell fire forever and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself, shall keep on stabbing himself in the hell fire.”
Aneeqah Shah is a columnist & a student of medical science. She can be mailed at