What is the Solution…?

By Umar Bashir

Committing of life and doing suicide has long back history , sometimes with high rates and sometimes low either due to domestic or any other cause and were going in every corner of globe by the vulnerability of all sections of population. Same is the condition of present era in which we are living , on daily basis we are getting news regarding suicides and attempts also but from past few months or a year these incidents have increased exponentially and are giving shocks , traumas , pains etc etc . There are many causes and different people may mention different opinions regarding its solution , so I too will mention my own . As Creator has bestowed balance in every thing and in every process which is going or will go in this temporary world for stability , at any time one side will becomes low or high at that time other side has to counter balance  it by becoming low or high. As we will take live example with which we are combating from last 2 years , we are entangled by the CoVID contageous illness ,so to make balance in remaining healthy we have restricted ourselves at home and start activating our Immunity , it means for remaining healthy we are boosting ourselves to combat against this disease in the means of activating immunity . In short we can say as illness gives us hard times but to make it smooth as before we have activated immunity and Become rigid where that hardness doesn’t become heavy over us and started our existence. Now coming towards main topic , the way these suicides or attempts have long history , this very thing also has long long history , there are lacs and thousands of people in this whole globe including both men & women , who are witnessed every kind of humiliation , pains , hardships , turamas , etc etc but they haven’t give up or halted life or we can say in this way our ancestors have witnessed & saw 100 times more problems in the form of domestic voilance , pains , hardships and most importantly hungry but if you analyse you will definitely find the rates of suicide or attempts were much less than this very era. However they were backward than us in the form of development , comfortness , machinery etc etc then what was the thing that make them more upper handed than us by having very low suicide rates i.e nothing other than development of endurance , activation of Calmness , development of faith , self Believe and tight Vision on this thing that if these Hardship days are nights then these have to go and day have to come , the thought of day coming gives them the Rey of hope and they feel comfortable in combating in these life sequeezing things. They weren’t thinking and thinking on future as paying attention towards future is upto ALMIGHTY , our only time is to struggle , combat in the present time , your efforts are countable against that very Hardship.
At that time , they too were witnessing domestic voilance , they too were witnessing society pressure , community taunts , what society will say , but to balance life and the voice of society ,they developed endurance , patience , innovation , creation of ideas to combat but not the negative thoughts. They were very savvy about the importance and our living life will change such things if we keep endurance and show balancing efforts.
While comparing these very Things against present era , these things are hardly found  nor are developed and when even small Hardship strikes one gives up and negative thoughts arise itself. However the ambiance of our society has changed and stature of community has also changed , so one becomes more pressurised but along with these changes we should also show changes in development of endurance , patience and Accept whatever the situation but will give 100% in combating . Apart from this we should be aware about the obligations and mendatory responsibilities , which our religion has governed to us .
One more reason which may be a reason for suicides , i.e. we have turned our lifves more comfortible and that comfortness have deactivated our endurance power, which ultimately breaks down when any small affliction comes. I m not saying comfortness should be avoided ,no no , but those things or steps should be avoided whome you feel they stopped me at one point in efforts, if that had paused your ideas and innovation. So develop endurance and patience , start creating solutions not become low or negative Thoughts will engulf..

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