Tall feat: Srinagar youth Danish treks 100-plus high-altitude lakes

Mushtaq Bhat

Srinagar, Dec, 11, : The 27-year-old Danish Showkat Dhaar accomplished a unique feat after trekking high-altitude lakes in Ganderbal recently. He has trekked over a hundred alpine lakes.
The Srinagar youth has achieved this feat recently by exploring Latunsar (Latunsar-1, Latunsar -2, Latunsar-3 lakes) in his expedition. With this feat, Dhaar claims to have completed 102 high altitude Alpine lakes.
“The team of three trekkers including Abid Kharadi, Faizan Shafi, and I left for this exploration on November 20 morning and accomplished the climb on November 21,” Danish told media.
“My fascination towards adventure was always appreciated by other trekkers of the valley,” he says.
Nundkol, Gangbal, Koulsar, Kinnasar (Naranag), Salnai Lake 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(Naranag), Godtar- 1,Godtar-2, Navkansar- 1, Navkansar- 2(lokut), Khara Galisar 1,2(Tosamaidan),Charinag 1,2(Pahalgam),Doudchiran 1,2,3(Pahalgam),Trusar 1,2,3,(Dodhpathri), Choharnag 1,2,3,4(Margon) Shilsar 1,2,3 (Margon)Nagputin 1,2(Acpal Chatapal), Kundapani 1,2 (Bandipora), Padsar 1,2(Rajouri), Mawarnag 1,2(Kishtwar), Girsar etc. are among the 102 lakes he claims to have already explored.
Hailing from Umerhair, Buchpora area of Srinagar, Danish has done MBA and is currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy course at Institute of Chartered Accountants India, Delhi. He is also a professional tax preparer and an entrepreneur.
Danish also has done many courses which include Basic mountaineering, basic skiing, intermediate skiing, first aid and CPR course.
The 27-year-old says he had a fascination with scaling mountains and adventure since childhood. “I would always look for unexplored destinations.”
“Anyone is a trekker on a favorable day; but what you do on a bad day defines how good a trekker you are,” he says.
All Jammu and Kashmir Mountaineering Foundation has felicitated Danish and his co-trekkers for exploring the least explored and one of the hardest trek done in sub zero temperature.
“The first-ever team who explored Latunsar-1, Latunsar -2, Latunsar-3 lakes in the month of November is very difficult to reach down from Ganwan, Gund but they somehow managed to reach there, ” the Foundation said, adding “it is their hard and great team work that made it a successful expedition.”
Danish has also done his treks and expeditions outside the J&K as well which includes Gujarat and Ladakh.
He has also scaled Stok Kangri 6153 m, Sunset Peak 4751 m, Sheenmyean Peak 4600 m and Mt Mahadev 3966 m.
“We are working on our basic objective which is to promote the spirit of adventure among the youths of J&K,” said Danish.
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