By Tabin Reyaz 

In  today’s  modern  era,  everyone  wants to achieve   success.  Success  is   something   for which everyone works all day and  night .
Everyone  wants to meet and open the  door   of  success.   Life is meaningless without success. Success is not all about earning the money. It is all about winning   the hearts of others because the   true satisfaction comes when you   help a fellow human being irrespective of the fact whether you know him or not. Earning the    money and feeding your own family is not the    success .   Yeah , working for your   family is mandatory but not only for your own family, you need to  work    for    the  whole  society because  you  live only once, so live it in a unique style  as  you  will be remembered always. And on the day of Qayamah you will be asked as to how you spend your life?
Yet, success is not a destination, it is a journey that keeps moving. 
Despite the yearing for success, many people fail to meet the door of destination. And when the people do not succeed, they command the least respect in the society. Not only that the  people even start taunting them. They tolerate the taunts of people of their society. Worst comes when they are taunted by their housemates or parents. They get very much fed up with these taunts. Because of these awful  taunts, they start hating themselves. And when they get fed up with these taunts, they eventually commit suicide. And that’s where the chapter of their  life ends.
Even    though     people    will cry in their memories , but they  would not come back due to their cries. It seems so strange that the people who killed   you    are crying  after your death.
Yes, our society is like this. We should be ashamed that we live  in  a such society, where the brains of people are filled with poor negativity. Do you know who is the real killer of the person who committed suicide? The answer is the “Next of Kin” of the victim. Yes, it is true. Do you know how his parents became his killer? If you want to know, How his parents are his killers, then you have to read this story for understanding the whole game. 
A guy who works hard, possess     consistency and luck smiles on him, he is able to achieve the success. And as soon as he    touches   the   glory, society starts adoring him. Everyone   starts talking to him with great utmost respect.
Very soon he becomes a star or celebrity  in the public eye.
He records his name in certain rare names of the society.
In short, he becomes a hero in the whole society. But do you know, Who made him a hero?  
The answer is “the parents” who made him a hero. Yes it is true. Now you must be thinking that the persons who were behind someone’s ruin and how  they are behind someone’s success here. How can this happen? It can happen, yes it can happen. Because we live in a world where everything is possible. When a child is born, he does not know anything about the world. What is right, what is wrong, he does not know anything about these things. If anyone wants to teach him, that what is wrong and what is right, who is elder and who is junior, what is discipline and what indiscipline is. There is only the parent who can  explain all these things. No one is born genius or No one else is born unwise. Only with good education, good teachings a child can become successful. There is only the good education and good teachings which can make a person disciplined. And the person who have to teach this these things is a parent.  Good parents will be able to posses these qualities i.e. he will teach his child that, what is wrong and what is right,  what is discipline and what is indiscipline, What is the world and what is our purpose to live here. A good parent will always think about the future of his child. 
But a bad parent also thinks about his child. First of all, let me tell you that , a parent is not bad. He possess some awkward qualities which makes him bad. For example, A good parent will never let his child to use smart phones for a long time while as a bad parent does opposite to this thing i.e. he will let his child to use the smart phones for a long period of time. Smartphone always divert the attention of a student from studying to do useless things. A good parent won’t let his child to be in contact with bad persons while as a bad parent does not care about it as he let his child to be in contact with anyone, his child want. 
 Mostly in villages or in remote areas you will find that, most number of  parents  aren’t giving a good preference to education . Education is something that can change the fate of everyone. But what do the villagers know about what education is? Not only villagers , I’m also denoting those who doesn’t give a good preference to education. Whoever is successful today is successful due to education. There is nothing without education.  Yet there is a “HADITH MUBARAK” that  ” “Al Elmu Wa Fauqul Adab meaning that “discipline is better than education”, yes it is true, but discipline will come when you will be able to know that, what discipline is? It will all come through education. I’m not insulting villagers, I’m insulting the mindset of those people who doesn’t give a lot a preference to education. So, what is the biggest problem , it is the negative mindset of negative people. 
If anyone wants to be a good parent, so first of all he needs to have a positive mindset. If he is having the positive mindset, then he is able to give his child “the good teachings.” Do what will be good for the child. Don’t spoil his future by keeping his childhood into unnecessary  fun. 
                Be rare, don’t try to be common. You have to learn from the mistakes of other people. When you will learn from them then you will be able to face them, defeat them. 
Change the minds
Change the future 

Tabin Reyaz is a 7th class student who has written this writeup.

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