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By Suhaib Lateef: Fundamentally, Every Parent or progenitor is definitely characterized by the prime properties like protector, disciplinarian, and a friend. This is a live experience. 

The deep conscience human world is strange in which falling, failure, standing and consistency is necessary to lead life, it prerequisitely requires someone for help and assistance, means it needs some other hand and aid to rise. Falling and Failure is unfortunate but there is no one who is not with the duo. In fact, a man learns to stand, arise, walk and run only after falling, and failing, repeatedly in repetition. Only the outdo persons in terms of Natural aid can do it for an individual quoted Child. 

The first and foremost of these are the natural gifts, called our parents. The pretty mother and beautiful Father. 

On 23rd of September 2015, I was orphaned, my father died after a prolonged illness. And it is all my mother who is all-round me. My Father was among the best fathers in the world. In my Opinion, A loving and caring Mother is very important constituent as far as the human life is concerned, in parallel of the whole world. Who can ignore or forget the moment of the motherly lap holding his/her Child. This write-up is specifically devoted and dedicated to my Mother.

Right from the early childhood, it is the beloved and benevolent mother,  Who holds our hand when we are falling. At times she too easily lets us to fall so that we could face the greater falls and challenges of life after her.

Her attachment is a warm intimate snug feeling like a fuzzy soft blanket on a cold day. I straightly got to know the definition of ‘Love’ from my Mother’s loving face. She may not give the lovable impression but there is nonentity but love in her sharp habitual. Mother is such a beautiful and doleful creature who only Nature possess the power and potential to create, with such an immense eccentric estimation. With a turn to Gandhi ji’s quote, 

”It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?”

This quote cannot be defined by the world but its natural weight judges it.

Those individuals , who have achieved great feats or The precautionary susceptible successful persons in this deep conscious world have only born and got composed to look the world from only and only to a good, lovely and caring Mother, to check and take a stock of situation here. The fable and compassionate mother contains a bouquet of floral thoughts for his/her budding saplings.

Life without mother is incomplete and inadequate. She is the only person who continuously and consistently give her everything without any cost, without any imaginary desire. She is only our blissful admirer and a good Friend. 

Pertainingly, She is our teacher, a good guide, provides us her selfless devotion all the time, an unceasing advisor and rescuer and reservoir of strength. A mother is all, the combination of good facts and good deeds. Like a one who always and always wants her child to grow up to be a happy, healthy, successful adult and remind with her till death and want his/ her child in her good lap.

Our good and sound desires are her main solicitude and concern that give utilitarian shape to our dreams and ambition. 

Mentioning of Allama Iqbal (R.A) love for her mother turns imperative here,

” Your life was written in gold letters in the existence’ book

Your life was a full lesson of secular and religious education

Your love remained in my service for your whole life

When I was able to serve you, you did not survive ”

According to him, Mother is the best and foremost reservoir of secrets. 

A mother pays a continuous attention to his/ her child. It is mother who accepts her child for who she or he is, and forgives her child for their mistakes, big or small. She lives not for herself but for our sake and prosperous life. She lives to make the otherwise difficult life easy and too easy for us, The designer and constructor of this life, the craftsman and begetter of everything in this existence for me was just none other than my Mother. I am definitely sure for this from everyone.  Her intentions and activities are always designed to see us shining in the vistas and glimpse of triumph and achievement. Her good and enormous attitude decides our and fortune destinies and advanced destination. 

Infact it is not a one cent of what a mother is, she deserves much and too more what we do for them and talking of struggles of a mother without a father is a sheer injustice. 

The father in parallel to a Mother is a person, who invests all his resources, energy and time. He hesitates not and he halts not and works tirelessly for everything, important to us. Kept his everything for us and always wants us to be in a good and dressed way. Looks after us, shows and takes us to a new direction of life.

It was my minuscule misfortune as I lost my father at my early young hood age. (May Allah bless you with good deeds). 

And we should always be with them like they are with us to keep them felicitous and Glad. Wallahi they only need our just smile which nourishes them and a find it a good protein. I charmingly love you my Mother. 

She is the beacon light that shows the way by remaining stuck to us similar to the instance of a candle and moth. Ending with Robert Browning’s illustrious adduce,

”Motherhood : All love begins and ends there”.

I Love you my Mother. You are my pretty gift from Almighty. May all mercy and blessing of Almighty be upon yours and bless my father with the showers of blessings and fate of heaven. 


I love, love and love you my Mom.

Suhaib Lateef is a freelancer, can be mailed at