The Emminerr

By: Amir Bashir Jan Sheikh

The real name of The Emminerr is Murtaza Rafiq. He was born on 21 September 2003 at Srinagar. He belongs to a business background family.Regarding his educational qualification he is studying in 11th class via CBSC.

He started his YouTube journey from music rapping. His main content on his channel is vlogging. Besides this, he also gives some messages. But his goal is acting.He has launched three Kashmiri vloggers. He got inspiration from ‘Mr beast’.
He created his YouTube channel in 2020 and started uploading his music rapping videos. Murtaza has more than twenty-seven thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. One of the youtuber Faheem vlogs has got inspiration from Murtaza.
He didn’t get any promotion or something like that but worked hard and did everything on his own.His family completely supported him.  His favourite youtuber is Mr beast.
In a message to young youtubers of Kashmir, he said, “don’t copy others but do your own things “First viral video of Murtaza Rafiq was buying things using pennies only. He wants new youtubers to do different things. Whatever talent people have, they should come forward.
His videos got good reaction from public. People supported him very well.
In a message to public, he said, “support each other, but if you don’t want to support, don’t spread hate”
His favourite hobby is music rapping. Also doing lifestyle vlogging.He wants to become an actor.
The writer Amir Bashir Jan Sheikh is a Student of BA Honors Political Science at DAV College Amritsar
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