The environment is protected by cooperation

Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

Zarrah Zarrah Hain Mere Kashmir Ka Mehmaan Nawaaz,
Rah main pathar kay Tukdun nay diya Paani Mje.

Allah Almighty has blessed the land of Kashmir with charming soothing and beautiful landscapes, the weather here, the streams, the waterfalls, the mountains, the culture, the hospitality of the place is unparalleled, so the poets, Writers, intellectuals have endowed Kashmir with the titles of Paradise, Allah Almighty created man with consciousness and the distinction between good and evil is inspired in man, although we can say that man is aware that Allah Protecting and appreciating the survival of the beautiful worldviews that have endowed him with
There is a responsibility, and if any class or individual tries to harm this beauty, it is also our collective and individual responsibility to stop it. We have a clear example of the city of world famous Dal lake , if in the early stages. the cleanliness of Dal had been taken care of, the government would not have had to spend crores of rupees every year on its survival. That money would have been used for the development of Kashmir. The same is the case with wullar lake Mansbal Lake and many famous lakes. Environmentalists have revealed that 75% of Dal lake has been destroyed. LAWDA , ??an organization set up to restore the splendor of Dal and other lakes, has failed at every level and the aquatic life of Dal lake has been severely affected. My hometown is located on the banks of the river Jhelum. I have heard from my father that until about 30 years ago, the water of river of Jhelum used for drinking without any filtration, but today we avoid using tap water without a filter.
According to the poet
The house caught fire with its own lamp
We have hit the axe on our own feet with our own hands. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Kashmir. Now the Amarnath Yatra is about to begin. It is hoped that government departments will take necessary steps in order to keep the Pahalgam Valley clean from environmental pollution. The action plan must have been set up hopefully
A year ago, the Govt has issued a new advisory which is as follows
The Chief Secretary directed the Forest Department which is the nodal department for preparation of digital inventory, documentation and development of geo-spatial database on wetlands; to profile various wetlands of Jammu and Kashmir and subsequently recommend their notification under the Environment Protection Act, 1986 and Wetland (Conversation & Management) Rules, 2017.
There are a total number of 3754 water bodies in Jammu and Kashmir which are being regulated by different departments and agencies including Forest, Wildlife, Soil & Water Conservation, and local government bodies Directions were issued to bring Wular Lake , Dal Lake , Nigeen, Sanasar, Manasbal lakes and Purmandal under protection and conservation as Protected Wetlands but after a gap of two years, so far no significant progress has been made on the ground level. hoped that the department will now work hard in order to preserve our wet lands.
The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the enviornment we cannot sustain ourselves.

Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon
R/o panderathan Srinagar
A/P Ompora Housing Colony
Columnist is a Motivational Speaker, Weekly ‘Education Equill’ Content Advisor ,Working as Sr. Edp Head & Counsellor in DD Target PMT India’s Reputed institute For Medical /JEE /Competitive Coaching Classes and can be reached at Insta Ubi9305