SUHAIB IDREES LATEEF. Hostel life is considered to be one of the most amazing phases in the life of a student. Being a College student, it becomes much significant to save and extricate time to prepare for several exams, So Hostel becomes compulsory for a faraway living student.

Hostel life is much more different from family and asylum, away from home out of amenity and consolation. The hostel life is completely different from the one which you had enjoyed being with your family, friends and relatives. The most important thing is hostel life teaches the life in independence with own responsibilities, providing a hand of liberty and sovereignty. The making of good and new friends for whole lifetime makes a new taste of life. Hostel life essentially is synonymous to new things of enjoyment, excitement, joy, craze, fun, memories and much more.

Now, Coming at our hostel life, we are students of SSM college of Engineering and we have been  hostelite’s for nearly a year now, residing in the college hostel. Our hostel is a multidimensional vast building and we have got room no.30 ,the much facilitated room,with our four wooden cum steel beds we are four roommates cum batch mates relish in love and equality with introduction as ,I Suhaib Lateef, Arqan Iqbal and Sofi Irfan and we have got another junior very calm and curious friend Shah Fazil, always remains busy in his own job.  

We each have collected an immense sack of memories and best ever collections for our life and their would be much more enjoyable days than this in future in our hostel.The quality of our hostel room is weather Cold or hot climate it provides the immense fragrance of low cold breezes, the deep freshness and good franchise. Hi

In summers, one can’t miss the terrace sit, with a novel or a conflict based book with gaze of low blowing and blooming tormenting winds with a power to nourish the body.

The common universal features you mostly love in being a Hostel are;

Group studying; that makes much of our work simpler, innovative and more effective. Group studying with hard discussions makes it much more tastier that studying being single. The teddy talks, the little parties, The common culture, the common excitement and experience one can’t find them in local life.

Downloading and watching movies  together is fun. The absurd comments and then bursting into laughter is very common that a psychological relief and pleasure. 

Watching Cricket matches in a common TV hall gives you an amazing feel particularly the match of India Pakistan is exciting .

Our hostel food and mess ,initially cannot be tolerated is completely different from home remedies but as time passes, you get habituated to it with a fun and love to eat together in a joint plate (Traem).Most of the time you don’t get your breakfast about timing constraints. You learn patience about how to wait for mess to open for Lunch.

Walking in corridor at 2 or 3 am in a fresh mood, be like it is 8 or 9 in evening provides enormous delight. Our quarrels often on small and teddy things makes it to our festivity and exultation. 

Waking up at 9 am, going to washrooms or going for breakfast ,the queues, the hurdles need to be crossed at ever step be it to line for food and attendance or bathing and what not.

Hostel life provides a complete joyful and glad environment one desires for. 

An important characteristic about the diverse rooms in the hostel. Some are extremely clean. Some average. While some got extremely dirty property. It depends upon the laziness of you and your room partner, crediting God, we have one of roommate ‘ Sofi Irfan’ who is extremely active in cleaning(thanks to him also).He all the time remains on sanitization. 

Living in the hostel makes students socially and behaviorally different. Hostel life is a combination of different cultural backgrounds, in the hostel life students learn to live with different cultural background people, particularly in Kashmir. We all are from south Kashmir with different districts and little difference in culture and language( little enjoying quarrels on that, provides a delight and gloss). There is a popular quotation “Times change, people change” it is best suited for the hostel students and so for us. As much life progresses in hostel, naturally our life get new friends like we all four.

Life in a hostel makes a student self-dependent. It makes him smart, active and disciplined.

Students with innovative minds and ideas as well as creative talent are always be encouraged, that prevents scope of hatred, violence and ego clash among students, though we have students from Jammu and Ladakh, they are respected much. Food is served in the mess, with a joint culture of eating the stuff makes you to find much joy and fun.

Thus, in a hostel, A student can develop his mind and body. Various types of students are found in hostel. Some are very studious. They always remain busy in their studies. Some are mischievous. They give little time to studies. They spend their time moving around, playing and bullying others or making fun of others.

Thus hostel have help us to know about the various cultures of different regions and we get to develop a sense of unity in diversity and broaden our outlook to look the world of deep conscience.

In fact we learn the lesson of co-operation. We have learned to help one another in the hour of need that provokes the rejoice among us. 

The most important thing about hostels is that, students have to live accordingly to the rules of hostel. They have to wake up on time, sleep on times, have food on time, study on time etc. This helps them in maintaining discipline in their life style. In hostel, students have to do a number of works by themselves like taking of their belonging, washing their clothes, arranging their beds etc. This helps them to be self-reliant. Students in hostel learn what is right and what is wrong. Here, they do not depend on their parents. They depend on themselves. Hostel life makes the students life regular and systematic. Students living in hostels face many difficulties and hurdles such as financial crises, adjustment issues, personal helplessness, distress, changes in eating and sleep habits, and many other issues that provides an atmosphere of exposure for a student to face many challenges in life. Students face life practically on their own in a hostel. Life in a hostel instills confidence in them. Hostel life thus helps students to develop many good qualities and make the students good citizens.

Living away from family for a specific period of time leaves some enduring experiences in the life of the students.

In this new life style student learn how to compromise with the other students and roommates. In hostels students learns courage and spirit from other students (much needed) , and that may help students to face the practical life more confidently

Not only hostel have got advantages and good things but certainly it has certain major disadvantages by certain elements that students can avoid.

Deleterious and  Detrimental friend Circle 

Our friends plays a greater role in our life to make us who we are. In hostel you have to be very careful in making your new friends because if they will be good and supportive then your progress will be in positive direction and if by any chance you got a bad friends circle then your negative progress will start from day One . 

Forlornness and isolation : Many time you will feel lonely also as there will be no one like your parents with whom you can talk and share your personal problems.

Risk of indulging in bad habits :

There is a higher risk of getting into bad habits like smoking, drug addiction or any other misbehavior in hostel life as there will be no one to guide and suggest you.

Leaving aside the disadvantages of hostel life, we have got much of good habits and amiable characters ,we have got much of new friends, we have learnt to esteem others.

We all four bedfellows are much thankful to our hostel, our other all hostel friends particularly Faizan Ashraf,Aasif Farooq, Sheikh Muneer,Sheikh Aabid,Shah Maroof and Basharat Khan in adding our joy and excitement in thriller hostel journey.

In these turbulent times, as missing and desiring is a human nature, so as we and I appeal all of you to be at home, to be safe. So, again we can be at hostel to feel the blooms andwaves of nature withthe joint exam nights session.  Be Home,Be safe

Author is a student of SSM college of Engineering and Technology,can be mailed at idreesdalal865@gmail.

—-with his companions Arqan Iqbal, Sofi Irfan, Shah Fazil and Faizan Ashraf