BY Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

The glorious Quran is the book of guidance for whole humanity. The Quran is the book of Allah which is full of miracles. The Quran is not a book of science but it is book of signs, it is a book Ayats. The Quran is spread over 114 chapters. Each chapter is miracle in itself. The Quran start with a chapter 1 surah Al Fatihah. It has 7 verses.The biggest surah in the Quran is the surah Al Baqarah. It has 286 verses. The Quran is the book without any doubt and is guidance for believers. The smallest surah of the Quran is surah Al Kawthar chapter 108 . It has 3 verses.
No verse in the Quran preaches terrorism but Quran is the word of Allah which teaches us peace. The Quran is the everlasting and living miracle in the universe. It is the most positive book in the universe. The Quran has inimitable eloquence, beauty and style. The Quran itself challenges people to bring its like, even a single surah, if they can asserting that they will never be able to do so. The Quran is a Man’s manual of life as it guides man on the earth in his every aspect of life. The Quran preaches monotheism. There were 124000 Prophets in total. Each Prophet received holy scripture. The scriptures that have been mentioned in the Quran are four.
The Quran being the book of guidance like all other books that came before it. The miracle of the glorious Quran is that it act as proof for the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In Quran we get the knowledge of past, future events, sciences and timelessness in a miraculous way. The Quran has immunity from distortion. The Quran is the final and most complete holy book in the universe. The Quran has its importance, those who recite it, those who learn it and those who teach it to others. The Quran, the word of Allah is better than everything and it has superiority over other books which are present on this planet.
The Quran teaches mankind many things which are important for lives of humanity. For instance by reading, reciting and understanding the Quran. One of the first and most fundamental beliefs that every Muslim must follow is Tawheed. The Quran emphasises on Tawheed (Monotheism). As we all know that the Quran is the word of Allah and there is no doubt over its veracity, intellect can never contradict it. The Quran is the miracle of miracles. The Quran is the book of advice. It teaches us as to how we should behave and treat others. The Quran gives great importance to studying, learning and gaining knowledge.
The Quran is not only book of guidance for Muslims but for the whole humanity. Those who study Quran and impliment in their lives always carve more from it. Reading and reciting it again and again never bores its readers rather facinates the readers every time they read it. The Quran was revealed into the heart of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . The Quran was not sent down to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a whole , it was sent down verse by verse and chapter by chapter. The Quran is the book of dhikr which makes man to gain at least ten rewards for its one letter when he reads it.
The Quran is the book of knowledge. Those who study Quran and impliment in their lives need no workshops in management, human relations and personality development. All the verses of the glorious Quran say that it is indeed the most important and complete book of guidance. We should always take guidance from the Quran in every walk of our lives.
Raashid Ul Nabi Khan is the author of the book “SOCIAL MEDIA-A POWERFUL PLATFORM FOR DAWAH”. He is a recipient of the “BEST TEACHER AWARD 2020” from Institute of Scholars Banglore, India. He is also recipient of “YOUNG SCHOLAR AWARD” from JKIFTS (J&K INNOVATIVE FOUNDATION FOR TRANSFORMING SOCIETY). He attended Yidan prize conference in Europe 2021 and also Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2021.