The Harbinger Of Eternal Peace

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born in the city of Mecca , exactly 570 years after the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Despite having born in the era of myth and obscurity, his life became a shining example for all to follow.
Being sent as the last messenger of Almighty Allah, his word was regarded as the last message of Allah, relevant for all times to come. He is not the prophet of any specific era, but for all ages.
He is an epitome of mercy and love, his noble character and behaviour with others guides us in our individual and collective life. His care for those around him and even of those causing him harm is a perfect example of true nobility and humbleness. He establishes complete peace and harmony by his guiding principles of oneness of God, equality of mankind and his firm belief in the hereafter where everyone will be held accountable for his conduct in the worldly life and will be rewarded, either heaven or hell. He emphasized the importance of virtue by declaring that God values His creatures according to their piety and fear of God and propounded the fact that only those amongst you are great who are fearful of God and treat His creatures with sympathy and fairness.
His precious principle of proposing for others only that you like for yourself is solely responsible for creating a harmonious and all-inclusive society.
He taught , in God alone we should repose our hopes and to Him alone we should pray , to believe that God could have any partner or counterpart is the biggest sin not to be forgiven by God in any case.
In his teachings, it is enjoined that there is no intermediary between God and man , a person should establish a direct contact with Him , no need for any bridge.
It is truly monumental how Muhammad (pbuh) liberated the Arab society of many deep rooted ruinous traditions they followed in dark age due to their sheer ignorance. He made the people cognizant about the fallacy of their old customs. He abolished their tribal clashes and rivalries , rid their hearts of hatred and racism.
The prophet (saw) was an embodiment of love and moderation in how he dealt with the pagans in Makkah , despite their abuses and resentment , he responded with an open heart.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his message had a universal impact. The entire society was changed from belligerent tribes into people united in worship of one God.
The society got revolutionised from one where racism, oppression , drunkenness, wrongdoings were unhampered and unbridled into a noble society with equal treatment to one and all , making the society a harmonious whole and free of mutual grugde or rancour.
Breaking down all the artificial barriers which society had set up, he declared “All humans are equal” , one who is most submissive and obedient to God and kind to His mankind deserves the highest rank .
He brought the whole Arabian society on one common platform as one nation having common ethics and sharing the equal entitlements without any discrimination.
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught that life of total obedience and submission to God is the only acceptable life. The life which follows the instructions of Quran and Sunnah is pleasing to Almighty.
All creation and especially man has been created with a sole purpose of worship and obedience to God on the lines revealed through his selected messengers. The last prophet, Muhammad (phuh), shaped a system on these lines in his entire lifetime which was carried on by his righteous companions after him . The social order prevalent under these noble souls stands out un paralled in the history of mankind __ a fact recognized even by worst adversaries of Islam. There was no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste , colour and social status and even the head of the vast state himself was answerable before the common masses regarding his behaviour and decisions and he treated himself like other people without having any distinction whatsoever. Unanimity and cooperation were the prime qualities in the society of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , people helped one another both financially and spiritually , for prophet Muhammad (saw) considered it a duty to help those who were destitute, poverty stricken , orphaned and to help them , ease their troubles.
The modern society full of Chaos and confusion needs to follow his example to see real prosperity and avoid civilizational conflict and help to make it more cohesive. His teachings imbibe the concept that the whole humanity is the family of one God and so treating them with love is to love one God and earn His blessings. This divine concept alone can cure all ills of humanity and accord man his true place in the world as the crown of creation.
(Pursuing masters in economics at SMVDU Katra)