from Home…!

By Umar Bashir

The last week of this month May is considered as the week of Himalayan cleanup means to clean the high altitudes of Himalayas as we Humans haven’t let any patch of land without pollution and wastes , so is week celebrated as a cleansing compaign but unfortunately due to pendamic lockdown it’s really impossible to  go and clean those altitude patches in groups , so the environment authorities have changed their motive & theme by this year by calling as , ” Start Himalayan cleanup but in your own home ” for this year , also those high altitudes willnot be polluted and wasteful because man hasn’t reached there in this year due to lockup by the pendamic. So in this means we have to clean up in the skirts of our Respective home and manage them in the very useful way.
As everyone is well savvy about the kinds of wastes and residues which are coming from the Respective homes and in this lockdown almost everyone has good time to collect & manage them in a very mellowed way but don’t forget the use proper gloves and mask while doing this. Our homes are either generating the biodegradable wastes like residues of vegetables , leaves , peels of vegetables or fruits , papers , boxes etc etc and the other section may be polythene , bottles , Rubbers and now masks etc etc . So while putting them in the dustbin , put them in the different dustbins and if any time together , then you have to classify them . Otherwise this very admixing may be disastrous as chemicals may mix or biodegradable may get wasteful or unused while getting mixing with non , so the proper use is you have to put them either differently vessels or have to classify. After classification break or divide  degradable wastes in a normal bucket. While putting pieces of those wastes add the next layer with soil or cow dung , so that it will decompose more easily and add 2,3 layers of wastes in pieces then with soil or cow dung until this bucket get filled and after 10-20 days , exceveate that compost and use that for the purpose of  plants in vases or small garden plants. In this way you are getting fertilizer as well as cleanse our homes wastes . Most important thing is , you have managed wastes in the most appropriate way .
Now about non biodegradable wastes , ist either you don’t have to take those very things from market which contain such wastes , suppose you are taking something from market , take a bag from home and reluctant that plastic bag , so that your home will not get wastes of plastics. Now their are many services , where it’s impossible to take them without polythene or plastic suppose medicines or gloves or any other thing , at that time you have to keep those plastics in a separate dustbin and when our insanitary or municipal communitte members will come , then you have to put those wastes into there vans , as they make them good disposal or reuse them. However Respective homes aren’t so equiped to reuse the plastics for recycling.  But before this you have to perceive , which company or brand makes these plastics over commercial assets and note query for either less layer plastic or should avoid if possible. It will definitely reduce its durability in the Environ.
The 3rd part of this cleanup is , you have to count and audit the monthly wastes coming from Respective home , once you will do that and then if biodegradable is coming more that’s easy in terms of decomposition but it should come in limited quantities, and if non biodegradable is coming in more quantities then you have to analyse on this and make a decision , in the next month our home shouldn’t reside more waste than this month and should reduce in each month if only 1% . This will geniunely straight up things and will mitigate it near future. However this mitigation of pollution of wastes isn’t for anyother but for our own beneficiary , as we witnessed the fungus and other viruses crop up easily , it’s because of our greedy efforts and attempts of comfort ( if this is small Reason) .
So , Do these things from this time and start cleanup drive from your own home and feel the change in coming future..!