The loss of my father was the most traumatic event in my life– I can’t forget the pain.

Bol ki lub Azad hein Taire

Today is the second anniversary of my respected father Sheikh Muneer Hussain and I thought myself would lessen the anguish of my heart and mind which I have been hauling for two years in their separation.

Kaali Subhaein , Surkh Raatein , waqt_e_Sakin , Udaas Shamain
Hazaar Sadhiyun kay hain brabar Har Ek Lamha Begair Teray

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer

Two years ago , on Friday, November 8, 2019, at four o'clock in the afternoon, during the Asr prayers, he was standing in devising for the prayers. Suddenly, he left this mortal world and went to meet the real master of the world Almighty allha as if the sky fell on my head and the earth came out  under my feet and suddenly autumn came which robbed all our happiness forever and thus in my joy and felicity every mountain has lying down on me which has  shattered my  life . I will never forget this dark evening of my life when my respected father met Almighty Allha
My respected father  was among those who remained at the vanguard for  education, development, social services in his area. The people of Shopian district, particularly the people of Shadab, consider his separation as an irreparable loss*
The whole shadabkarewa is still crestfallen by his inopportune death. He took the initiative to resolve the problems of the area without any avarice, in which he remained  successful with the collaboration of the people. After his seperation from us Every little pain a seems like a mountain and every joy faded. I have never cried in my life but I don't know why now in every joy and sorrow my eyes get wet so fast that after my eyes got dry there is some peace, but where is the peace that I used to get sitting and chatting with my father . After my eyes are dry, I don't know why I believe from within, as if we are listening to my father and have met Lalaji who is not just answering.* 
Even a thousand compliments of the times can't lift our spirits as much as with a pat on the back, "Mein Hoon Na" would make our chests elongated and our spirits would skyrocket. I have always heard and read that mother is heaven and father is a canopy. But now I understand that the father is not just a shadow, but the father is a credit card that has valuable treasures for the children without having any  balance.*
Today, when I look back, I see the whole struggle of my dear father in front of me. The main asset of my life was the affection of mother and father like other siblings. They always had paper, pen, newspapers and magazines, books in front of them and they could be seen reading. His specialty was listening to the comments and analysis of  national ,international broadcasters on radio and TV, or discussing political, social, and religious issues with friends and neighbours who came to grocery shop of his colleague Gh ali bhat sb*
Where I stand today and what I have learned to write, read, speak, my dear father has a great influence. He always advised not to get involved in personal conflicts as this process weakens the human personality and make collective initiatives, systemic flaws and improvements part of your dialogue, rather than making the individual the basis of much.According to him, the human role should be to solve the problem instead of making it worse, and such people are desired in the society.*
He braverly combat insidious diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problem for almost 20 years.He always articulated me during his routine check-up to doctors that he will never die untill almighty will not call me to meet.During his last  visit to khyber hospital for  routine cardio checkup ,the doctor said me that his heart is working ordinarily .We returned back to home and he was making plan  to shift to jammu on 13th of November ,2019.But when we reached to shopian ,he changed the plan all of sudden  that this year he will not go to jammu to early as i feel almighty wishes to meet me .After reaching home ,he ceded all the responsibilities to me and suggested me to take responsibility himself to tackle all responsibilities .i was astonished to see first time the behaviour of my father like this to me .Finally we talked eachother from 9 am to 1:15 pm incessantly .He narrated his whole story of life since his childhood to till that day .  After praying  jumma prayers ,he did ablution for Asar nimaz as his started to pray ,he left the heavenly abode to met almighty allha .I was  contented to some extent what my respected father had told me three days before came true* .
Although 2 years have passed since the death of my father, it seems that it is a matter of tomorrow. The presence of his picture in the album in the room gives the impression of their presence. Whenever I get tired, the memories of my father give me new encouragement. I remember Dad used to say that those who lose heart based on circumstances, or have incredulous in God, cannot win a great battle. His words are always with me and make me realize that we must not give up but fight this battle of our lives on the basis of hard work, principle, honesty by trusting in Allah.*
It is true that those who are  gone from this mortal  world never return, but you are always remembered at every turn where we have to interrupt. But today no one criticise , where there is slipping, no one handles .He was, of course, a simple-hearted, outspoken and forgiving person who was angry, leaving someone's grief to God.* 
All the relatives  were amazed at your soul flying  towards almighty allah. Despite the heavy snowfall, there were people who had never been seen alive even the busiest people. Those who did not have a time  how they were waiting for your funeral that day.*
Lala ji, we have no one here to listen to except Allah, so this writing may reach you through Allah. Even if you don't want to give an answer, now it's your choice, but I'm sure my heart can easily feel your answer.*

Aaj Tak Dil Ko Hai, Uss kay Laut Anay ki Umeed
Aaj tak Tehri Howi Hai Zindagi Apni jagah

Laakh Chaha Us Ko Bhool Jawoon Qateel
Honslay Apni Jagah Hain, Bebasi Apni jagah

May Allah Almighty elevate the ranks of the respected father and grant him the highest position in Paradise. Ameen