By Junaid Abdullah

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad rightly said that:-
” Small dream is a big crime” because weak desires bring weak results, as small amount of fire definitely makes small amount of heat.These desires serve as a magnet which attracts the great units of life from the great Ocean of life out there.
Youths are an assets of a nation, for whom our resources are awaiting to get illuminated and hunger of a starved nation to get eliminated. Let me address the weapon of my nation who in future is going to b a warrior against poverty and other ills, a doctor who is going to curb all deadly diseases, and a future professor who will fertile the parched barren fields.
It obviously needs strong courage, the marvelous spirit of faith, and sweet determination for taking a decision to revolutionize the resources of nation. People who changed the destiny of nations had to play with tough journeys on the paths choosen. But dream of worthy pursuits, their spirit of persistence, strong belief in their goals and the spirit of unremitting toil did not let them to stop, rathen they enlarged and marked their presence of cheering sucess, as fortunes gravitate to men whose minds are prepared to attract them. Those succesful personalities crossed the barrier of limited achievements that we have fixed in our infinite minds.
The peculiar thing about the secret of their success was a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE, the untiring spirit of patience. They made a friendship relation with those hindrances which followed their path. They acted upon their desires and impulse of thoughts that flashed into their minds, No matter how many times they were defeated, they finally arrived up to the top of ladder. They had an endless hope, much courage to remain steadfast, and peace of mind to accumulate rich thoughts and live on with them.
I believe that we too have a gigantic treasures of skill and Talent. We have the ability to achieve the best in the world. We have such a vast fields of education, but somehow that belief and courage is missing which could set us apart from any other nation on earth. We too have the potential to change our society and world as a whole, but we have prepared a Graveyard of dreams in our own minds. We dream small and fail, sometimes we prosper but small goals, that ruin our everything and our ancestral level of dreaming. When we go through the biography of our prophet ( S A W), The peculiar thing behind that succes was the strong belief, spirit of faith and never give up attitude. One must go through the biography of our prophet so, it could inspire more to be strong in belief and render more services in the choosen fields.
Psychologists have correctly said that “When one is truly ready for a thing, it puts it’s appearance”.
Let’s find our goals, focus on them and start moving collectively , believe me success is watching our way. Never ever try to follow the race of saturation follow the race of your dreams, be persistent you will win the track.
One of the reason of our failure is that we try to follow the paths to unknown destinations. Many gifted personalities amoung us left without expressing their gifted talent and wasted it with the flow.
We just need to believe in our goals, what we dream for will definitely become reality , results will begin to flow. Obviously youths are the Oasis in the desert of lost hope. We are made to fly, roar and let everyone appreciate our presence. Start now, the world is all yours.