THE POEM “Will You Marry ME” A silent Message

THE POEM “Will You Marry ME” A silent Message

“We blame society but we are society” never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed if people all over the world would do this, it would change the world

Today Sahil Sharifdin Bhat has sent a thought provoking and beautiful poem. Sahil is an author of various books like “100 quotes” , “Lantern For The Youth” & “Learn 75% Islam within 20 minutes”
after reading a poem I could clearly see the pain described in the poem in a poetic way, and after reading the poem I could see the reflection of the superstitions growing day by day in the society. The title of the poem also impresses the readers, the title is “will you marry me”
and the poem is described as Will you Marry Me

Will you Marry Me


My income ,home , car , and caste—all are small .
Would you still like to marry me , my doll ?
If yes , I promise I will treat you as a queen
And gift you floral crowns and earrings green .
Our sleeping bed will be a lush green grassy floor
Which breeze sweeps , dew mops and poets adore .
I promise to kiss your eyes before your tears fall .
I will give you all my smiles and take your tears all .
Our job will be to love ourselves and help others .
We will respect all religions, races and cultures .
Our children will be raised like birds and flowers .
Our family will be cheerful and happy in all hours .
We will trust the creator for all our needs .
We will not judge others on their deeds .
I will never hurt you and never leave you alone .
And treat your flesh and bone as my flesh and bone .
We will create a small paradise on this earth .
Will you marry me and let our kids take birth ?

Marriage is a pure relationship, which is a natural pure system of fulfilling human psychological desires as well as increasing the human population or race. If we try to practice marriage in the Islamic way in the present age, the immorality that is growing in the society can be eliminated to a great extent. But in the present age we have gone far away from Islam. Our beloved Prophet, has taught us the methods of easy marriage
But we are not ready to adopt them in practice We have made marriage difficult and illegal sexual relations easy, nowadays  a government employee needs a government employee life partner and a non-government employee needs a government employee life partner. No matter how good your morals are, if you are not a government employee, it will take a long time for your marriage to be finalized. Husband and wife relationship is based on love, no matter if you have a small source of income, but in the relationship if there is respect , sincerity, value, love, true feelings ,for each other you can live happily even if you eat  simple food .
Remember, you can buy a velvet bed with money, but not a good night's sleep. Parents should prioritize morals and good upbringing when determining their children's relationship. If the sources of income are less then by the grace of Allah it can be increased tomorrow but if you compromise with the basic elements i.e. morality then such relationships do not last long..

“The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character’

According to me after marriage your beloved not looking for money, status or gifts she desires honesty loyalty and being a man’s priority..