This life,
A blink of lusty eyes
One blink through bleeding womb
And other through
The dig beneath

This life,
A deceiving color of peacock,
Sound of moment’s nightingale
One time solacing eyes
One time soothing ears…

This life,
A black cloud floating aimlessly
Breaking down into some drops
And endures new form
Then lost into the filth

This life,
The barks of wandering dog
Two in left, two in right
Some to self,
A few to blasting chest

This life,
A wife of seventy men
And hope of one child
Beautiful for three nights
Ugly for countless moons

This life,
A patch of cloth torn
Small to sleep beneath
Yet with holes
To hide shameful stains

This life,
A child with handful of candies;
Some to lose
Some to eat eagerly
Some to vomit unwillingly

This life
A mystery of union
And painful departure
Less in happiness,
Yet more in pain.