“If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane,
I’d walk back up to Heaven
and bring you home again.”

Born on 24 September 1950 Swami Raj Bhagat served india by joining military services (as policeman) after his retirement he turned towards the society and started doing social services for those people who were in need of help during that time.He helped the poor people a lot during his tenure and those who were very much troubled.Seeing the bad condition of the people of his village/area he decided to contest the Panchayat election, after which he fought the election and won it.He not only helped the people of his Panchayat but also helped the people of many other Panchayats of Block Chiralla.
He did not see the plight of the people.
Sometimes he left his work and started helping people and doing people’s work.His work ethic can be traced from their works.He never used to delay in doing any work.He knew how to deal with people of all ages.He contested the election twice, in which he contested the election once, he won and for the second time he was appointed as Sarpanch without election on public demand.During his sarpanch tenure, he worked leaps and bounds. The credit for setting up Widow Pension and Old Age Pension within Block Chirala also goes to him.People had a lot of love and affection towards him for this work of his.He used to treat the troubles of the poor people as the troubles of his own He was a very kind and honest he used to try his best to end the troubles which bothered the public a lot.Swami Raj Bhagat ji had a very good cooperation with every department and in every way used to pass on the benefits of all the schemes of the department to his people.He played a crucial role in providing scholarship to students who belongs to poor families through Labour Cards from labour court.He provided houses to many poor people through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.He resolved the disputes among the people of many panchayats through dialogue.He also settled land disputes of many people of Chiralla area.
He taught the people of his panchayat to live in mutual brotherhood and with love.Any work was going on, which he himself used to go to the ground and monitor it well.During his tenure, he had taken a decision to provide electricity to many villages and he also fulfilled that determination In which the Goath Mohalla of Panchayat Puneja is included.During his tenure he also distributed solar lights to many people who were severely short of electricity.He used to go to many public events where he used to tell people to live with mutual brotherhood.He was a very kind and honest person.The entire Chirala area is deeply saddened by his death.It looks as if the entire area’s spinal cord has been broken.There will hardly be anyone in the future to take his place.Without them, Panchayat Puneja looks like a tree without roots.
He lived his life in Struggle throughout his life!And in the end, he sacrificed his life while doing the work for his society. He breathed his last while coming to his home from the panchayat on 16 August 2022 at 7pm.