In ancient times there was a great Islamic empire known as OTTOMAN EMPIRE founded by OSMAN who was born in1258. He is regarded as the father of OTTOMAN EMPIRE & DYNASTY. His father had established a principality centered at SOUGUT in WESTERN ANATOLIA. The Ottoman Empire was an empire that controlled much of southeast Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries. Finally, after fighting on the side of Germany in world war 1st and suffering defeat, the Empire was dismantled by TREATY OF LAUSSANE(1923-2023) signed between TURKEY on one side and by BRITAIN, FRANCE, ITALY, JAPAN, GREECE, ROMANIA & YUGOSLAVIA on other side. MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK was known as “Father of the Turks” because of the role he played in building the modern TURKISH REPUBLIC by signing the Treaty of LAUSSANE. Currently Turkey is an Islamic country whose president is one of the most influential Islamic leaders of world known as RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN. He is the 12th and current president of Turkey since 2014. He previously served as prime minister of Turkey from 2003 to 2014 and as mayor of Istanbul from 1994 to 1998. Turkey is classified as an UPPER-MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRY by World bank in terms of the countries per capita GDP that’s why United nations classifies Turkey as a Developed country.
Now talking about carrier options for students in Turkey, the said country provides cost free education for students for all groups either UG, PG, PhD in terms scholarship. There are different governmental as well as nongovernmental organizations like TURKEY BURSLARI SCHOLARSHIP programs under which students from all around the world are studying which provides 100% fee waiver for students. These scholarships also promote Turkish language and a student gets the benefit of learning this language. Kashmiri students are also studying in Turkey under this scholarship and performing every type of courses like MBBS, ENGEENRING, and ARTS etc. Students need to think beyond NEET, JEE in Kashmir and build a successful carrier in different countries. Here I want to mention a name of famous you tuber and a student studying under this scholarship in Turkey MUSAIB AFZAL who hails from downtown area of Srinagar. He is providing all details of different scholarships in simple Kashmiri language on his famous YouTube channel “KASHMIRI IN TURKEY” which helps the students of Kashmir a lot in application processing, interview tricks, and many more in translating Turkish in Kashmiri medium so that everyone will be able to understand and gets benefited. Here I want to thank him and his dedication towards his native place and helping students in this tough process. Turkey is a safe and progressive place for students to study and build their carrier.
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