“The ultimate purpose behind our writing should be to bring change, revolution, and consciousness

Today, Faheem Iqbal is with us who is an author of two books and owns a publishing house. You are most welcome sir!

Thank you for having me today!

Q: So, tell us about yourself?
I am Faheem Iqbal from Hiller Shahabad, a village in Anantnag District’s Dooru Tehsil. I did my Bachelors in Cardiovascular Perfusion from Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences and I am currently pursuing my Masters in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Moreover, I am a Writer, author and also have my own Publishing house-Renascence Publishers.

Q: How you started your journey as a writer?
It was some seven years ago that I wrote my first poem. I was studying in Class 10th then. Actually what happened that, I was reading a magazine (Thazar, the Heights; Published by GDC, Dooru) and I found some poems in the magazine written by the college students. I was stunted and I thought, if they can write, why can’t I? So, I collected some rhyming words from an Oxford Dictionary, and tried my hands on a poem and somehow finished writing my first poem. Of course, it was not that good but it shown me a way to start a new journey. Since then, poetry and writing became my passion. I started to know and learn more and more about the craft. I started to read poetry books, short stories, Islamic literature, articles, magazines, and other books. Moreover, I started watching videos about writing, attended some writing workshops, and read a lot of books on writing (like Creative Writing for Dummies by Maggie Hamand, Elements of Style by White & Strunk, Fanne Shayari by Akhlaq Dehlvi, Aspects of the Novel by E.M. Forster, Ilm-e-Arooz by Osama Sarsari, On Writing Well by William Zinsser, Introduction to Creative Writing by David Morley and Writing Great Fiction by James Hynes). These books helped me a lot to know about writing; I know that I have still a lot to learn but at least, I knew the basics of writing.

Q: What was your parents’ reaction when they got to know about your writings?
They were contented, Alhamdulillah! My whole family is at back especially my grandfather. However, they never want me to become a fulltime writer, since they (like other parents) want a secure future for me, which of course cannot be achieved through writing only (at least not until you write a bestseller and continue to do so).

Q: Why do you write?
Most people say that they write because it gives them an internal satisfaction. In fact, it is true that writing gives us internal satisfaction but if we assume that this is the only reason why people write then it is mere belief. However, it differs. People write to please themselves, their family, others; they write to earn fame and (if they can) money. Everyone writes to fulfill these purposes and so do I. But yes, earning fame or money should not be your primary reason to write, nor should you write merely to please people. Firstly, we should write to make satisfy our own soul. Then, the ultimate purpose behind our writing should be to bring change, revolution, and consciousness.

Q:Any difference you feel in yourself because of writing?
It has made me a responsible, self-disciplined, and a curious person. Whatever difference we want to make because of writing should be seen in our own self first. If I write anything inspirational in my writings, it must inspire me first; if I write something that is aimed to bring a revolution, I must see that revolution inside myself. As it is said, “charity begins at home”.

Q:Tell us about book you have published till now?
I have published two books- Dasht-o-Darya, an Urdu Poetry Collection and Petals of a Withered Flower, an English Poetry Collection. I am currently writing a non-fiction book, which I will be publishing soon through my own publishing house Inshallah.

Q: Besides, being an author, you own a Publishing house. With what aim you have established it?
As you know that there are two main types of publishing modes-Traditional & Self Publishers. The problem with traditional publishers is that it is very difficult for the writers (especially new and young writers) to get their book published with them; also they pay a very small amount of royalty. On the other hand, publishing with a self-publishing house is easy, one gets maximum royalty and author holds monopoly. However, unfortunately, even trash is being published by some self publishing houses that have strongly degraded its scope here. All they care about is money and nothing else. However, our publishing house is unique in many ways; we offer cheapest possible publishing services, we go after quality, we even provide discounts to those who come to us with good content but have not those sources. So to sum up, my aim behind establishing Renascence Publishers is not merely earning money but also to boost the literature at its best.

Q:What are the main features of your Publishing house and how fresh authors can reach you?

As I already said we offer cheapest publishing services in J&K and even provide discounts to those who deserve so. We are open to every writer, who wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a published author. Those who desire to publish a book with us can either write to us at or call 7006402556. Alternatively, they can visit our office, the address of which can be easily found on our website https://renascencepublishers.in

Q:How do you handle demotivating responses?
I simply ignore them. However, as far as constructive criticism is concerned, I am always open to it and like the people from whom I get a chance to improve myself and to learn something new.

Q:How reading enhances our writing skills?
The more we read, the better we write. We must read a lot because one cannot gain the command of the language, vocabulary, techniques and craft without reading other writers (especially the masters of the language and the craft). Reading helps us to understand the basics of writing and also provides us with great ideas. As I shared with you at the beginning how books have helped me to grow as a writer, the same way they can help others.

Q:What would be your message to aspiring writers?
I don’t think that I am this learned enough to give advice to others but I would still like to make a request to my friends who write and want to be recognized as great writers. The first and the most important thing is that do not write even a single sentence before you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of writing; if you want to write a short story, don’t proceed unless you know what a short story is all about, don’t write poetry if you cannot differentiate between a ghazal and a nazm; do not write before you learn the basics of grammar and other important concepts. Read a lot of books, especially in the genre, in which you intend to write. Learn the basics first, then pick up the pen and never stop writing. Best of luck!

It’s been great time with you, Faheem. Good luck for all your future endeavors.
Same here. Thank you!

MALIK SUHAIL GULAL- An Interviewer is a budding Writer, columnist and poet who is Pursuing Honours in Political Science at CUS. He can be reached at maliksuhailgulal132@gmail.com.