Uzma Fayaz is 18 year old compiler and co-author from Kashmir Valley. She is a commerce student living in literature life,who loves to read books, novels, poems, gazals and articles. Uzma was born and raised in the city of Srinagar. She is currently studying in 12th class. 
uzma is young English and Urdu poet who is trying to express in an interesting way and to inspire youth around. She is in love with her passion and that is writing, she had always been well  dedicated to compile a book and eventually mixing up of her grave efforts led her to formulate her poetry anthology " The DROWNED INK ". In her anthology 30 authors from Kashmir participated and gave their write-ups. Uzma worked very hard for her anthology. She is also co-author of many books. Now She is working for her own solo book "The Garden of thorns". She lives for smiles, sky , coffee and books. 
Uzma believes that "MY PEN IS MY WEAPON AND IT'S ink IS MORE POWERFUL THAN SWORD".She has a kind and humble soul  from a very kind and good family. She has always got a good support from her family.
Uzma said, "While growing up, I was fascinated by many writers and their creative vision towards the world which ultimately drove me to an early exposure of reading". She further added "i got inspired by the poems of  Mirza Asadullah khan Ghalib ,William Shakespeare and all time my biggest inspiration is my Father, who always encourages me to do best. 
She said, "I got a very good support from the public and public supported me in whatever art i did my best. I'm  thankful to Almighty Allah that public really like my art"
She is a young artist from Kashmir valley and writes on the hidden truth in the world.  Besides this, she is also a motivation speaker. she always gives motivational speech to everyone that chase your goals and never give up. She aspires to make this world a better place by being a good human. 
She wants to give a silent message to the young artists that is, "keep practising....Chase your dreams and always do hard work...Hard work is the key of success the more you work hard  the more you achieve your goals. Always trust on Almighty you all will reach your destiny ... Beat wishes to all of you from meh ..." Her aim is to become a famous poet like her inspiration