Virtue of QURAN..

By Umar Bashir

The Genuine meaning of the word “Qur’an” is , repeatedly & continuously Reading book and is the last devine book descend on our beloved Prophet s a w through famous angel Gebrail & then reached Today through book form and Reports.
The Qur’an contains teachings Which are useful , profitable , serviceable to whole Humanity not only for Muslims but for whole living creature irrespective of any Religion , of any cult , of any living state , of any genes , of any species difference. In simple way , benison and blessings to everything whatever is present on this whole universe. The patches wherever living organisms are living , will give you teachings how to serve and how to show peace & it’s value. And  will give you path , how justice will come and how to erase Hardships. Then if you turn towards other states of world , it will definitely  indoctrinate and commond you. Means whatever side you will choose in your life whether Religious , social , moral , ethical , science , political , economic ,sociologic etc etc , it will improve you with shimmering light & all will feel satisfied without pause. Thus a book which contains such remarks & controls should be opted on priority basis not on illegation basis.
The Quran is such kind of book , which contains teachings of revolution in every single state , in those patches of world where poors are unjustified , in those areas where truth is being neglected , in those areas where humanity is being nipped , in those offices where corruption is common , in those areas where rights are being extorted , in those families where disability is common , in those countries where economy is lowering , in the science which diddles while witnessing new diseases , in the state of depression it inculcates counseling so easily & smoothly , means whatever is present the world and in Which state , Quran gives us guidance , sight & path. While containing such Eloquouus , effective , suggestive, developmentive, counselative , doctorate disciplines etc etc , quran has no comparison , no book in the whole universe is even parallel at far distances , chances of nearness is not possible. Almighty Allah has created it such a balanced way , it’s miraculous in its own language and it’s teachings and wisdom. Qur’an an unparalleled miracle , when revealed , whole Humanity remain humbled & still are humbling . Not a single letter can be proved wrong in any time nor did ever . It’s so true and super logical , even Falsehood can Neither attack it from front nor from backside . Quran is the only book in the world , which give value and worth to humans and its benefits , profits , guidance has no limit. It has impacted and sophisticated morals , thoughts , visions , civilization & lifestyle so deeply , sympathly , that there is no limit of weighing. It reveals the history about the civilizations of the Muslims , which passed in the past and collected lessons from them.
The effectiveness of this word has risen nations Upto altitudes then its teachings has sharpen the values of the nations and profiled worthy , changed the whole world , there is no other book so revolutionary as QURAN . Quran is not just a paper pages it’s written on , in the world of action , each word of it has changed & created thoughts , changed & uplift nations & build permanent civilization and humanities. It’s impact has been continuing from almost 1500 years and effects are scattering even more dye to its smooth and sophisticated lessons.
The Qur’an is wholeheartedly recommended for the humanity and it’s value , from its womb to tomb , from its lowerlift to upper lift. From the unpraised to honourable value. Within this value Qur’an says the motive of life and it’s attachments. Lessons of Discipline which speaks constitution of humanity and it’s ways of Glory.
Qur’an contains all kinds of lessons which govern creed & deeds , and that will make a fellow bliss. It contains all the material and spiritual lessons both for man and community , all types of people living . The lessons are so much managed and arranged even from president to the street man remain safe and secure without any harm. The lessons are so mannered even from scholar to student , everyone understands it easily & comprehensively. In short it contains lessons and knowledge of turns mind towards peace and tranquillity.
So , it becomes evident that one book which contains such lessons , such sophisticated knowledge of specific style and eloquence , great realities and truths that elate , scientific intuitions , economic sociologic developments , the treasury of the favours of the most merciful & pre-eternal addresses, which come forth from the World of the Unseen beyond the veil of this Manifest World , should be turn into our own virtue and priority.