By Sahil Sharifdin Bhat

Don’t leave the basement , my little son .
It is not the time to play and run .
Most of your friends are already dead
With bullets , hunger , terror and dread .
Your mom a refugee and dad in battle
Fighting for his freedom ,land and cattle .
Your sisters missing, your grandpa lost-
Lying perhaps dead somewhere in frost .
Come to your grandma , go not outside .
They are blinded by power, rage and pride .
They have guns , tanks , planes and drones .
Our men fight with prayers and stones .
They hate our faith , colour and language.
They bomb every city , town and village .
They assault girls and humiliate the old .
They kill the young and steal our gold .
They control the media of every nation
With threats , bribery and donation .
Thieves, rapists , hypocrites and killers
But they name themselves peacemakers .
They do not fear any deity or God
And rule the world with an iron rod .
They are hunters and we are prey .
We have been made for their play .
Listen to me , O my little grandson ,
Else they will kill you for their fun .

Special thanks to our regular Columnist Aubaid Akhoon for sharing this master piece of Columnist /Author sahil Sharifdin Bhat
About The poet
Sahil Sharifdin Bhat lives at Lethapora Pulwama . He is a lecturer of English language and literature . He writes poetry . He has authored many books which can be bought on Amazon , Flipkart etc . His email ID is sahilsharifdinenglish@gmail.com