Warm send off to Dr Qazi Javaid

Srinagar, Dec 30: The officers and staff of the office of Registrar Deaths and Births, SMC Srinagar today bid an affectionate adieu to Dr Qazi Javaid who is due to retire on attaining the age of superannuation Dec 31st, 2021 after rendering about 31 years of service. Dr Javaid had joined SMC in March 2018 as Health Officer, is credited with making a substantial contribution to the organisation particularly in realising the dream of having online registration and issue of birth and death certificates.
Dr Qazi graduated from SMS Medical College, Jaipur in 1987 joined state health services in 1990 and worked in various capacitiesHe did post graduate diploma in anesthesia besides CLTRI from Chennai. His special resarech in leprosy during year 1996 got him an opportunity to work in Leprosy Hospital at Chennai. His service career spanning more than three decades covered a variety of roles he played in different capacities. His subordinate staff praised his services and attitude towards his subordinates, general public and wished him a happy post-retirement life..