how do I do..!

By Umar Bashir

As the resident of Apple growing area of Kashmir, our coordination and managements are mostly with the Apple or fruit Resorting works. As the work of apple is annual season so much of the energy is consumed in this very croping of fruits. For getting a well desired & huge quantity of fruits, it’s evident to pollinate our real crop apple with other variety with the intension to get good quantity of Apple , which will erase economic crisis as well . So for the pollution either we have to use grating twigs of other varieties but unfortunately that doesn’t become successful because the twig Which is being grafted gets more energy and blooms more which totally sequeezes the real estate of Real fruit or that very twig pollinates more on one year & less on other which then mitigates crop. So to erase this problem , we are either using Polythene or empty water bottles , which the quantity of 3-4 for middle grown tree and 4-5 fulley grown tree. But with the hardwork and dedication , we don’t buy those very bottles neither take them from other sources like shops but we cleanse the Respective streams and patches of area , then neat them with clean water and then use them for the purpose of pollination after being filled with clean water & twig. This not only cleanse the stream of the Respective area but also gives us the commodity of bottles for the purpose of pollination. And we feel safe water through streams and it’s consequences for other purposes & also we don’t buy bottles or we can’t increase plastics in the Environ by adding more bottles for pollination. We can say this mitigates pollution and spoilage.

As these bottles are thrown into the clean water steams as wastes materials and these add pollution but whence we exampt them then used for usable purpose of pollination , which means we are managing wastes and make it happen for good use.
Along with 2-3 fellows we are performing this very activity from past 2 years . As our village contains 2 streams , we as a team go and start working to exampt these very bottles and make this happen for a while mostly in winters as after the completion of winters , our pollination in the apple gardens starts.
While going into the calculation , it seems we are managing huge amount of wastes with high levels of satisfaction , these not Only gives us sense of importance of water but also executes work , which alter gives of huge amount of quantity.
As we have about 250 apple trees , about 50 among them are very big means 5 bottles are suitable for pollination and rest 200 are normal , which hold 4 bottles per tree. So the total number of bottles used for Above number of trees will be 1050. So for the 250 trees I m exampting about 1000+ plus bottles from clean water , if we consider a bottle weighs 10gms , then 10 kg of plastic is managed & used for good purpose on every pollination season . And whennce we consider the calculations of my other fellows , they contain 3 times more number of trees than me , if they don’t exampt whole from streams but about more than half which means more than 40kg, in overall view I can say than 50kg of waste is managed through our own hands and used for usable work . This also not only cleanse water but also gives us work of pollination…
While doing waste management , you will definitely witness change & that Change will bloosm the livings of creatures . As like with the management of bottles from the steams help to cleanse streams but also gives results in the form of Flowers , which identic which only we count . Those results which are uncountable and unseen thrive our life more than this..
So in short we can say that , we are dependent of the environment and Environ is upon us , until we will make it clean and manage its waste , it will definitely keep us safe , whence it’s assimilating capacity will be drowned it will show noxious effects. The purpose of this work is only to show people that we should manage our wastes , so that our Environ show give Proper service and support.