By Parth Aasim Shaaz

If I’m gonna break myself,
off clock memories are gonna die then.
Then the world of worlds will go all alone and
if it is going to happen within a second.
Then it contains me heartless in order of
ascending agony again and again, off the end.
The never coming time,
the ultimate fine line of desire,
and the questions
of undefined also undefeated eyes were…
Off clock memories are gonna die?
If, am I going to be the death of my own heart?
What if? Oh! It is. Perhaps…


By Parth Aasim Shaaz

Emotions drained the eyes off,
drops of red and counts of cuts
alike carnage of smiles off,
Off-white hands with an old
black yellowish tulips as
her soul takes off swaddled grief as
redreamt regrets of murderous hands.
Oh! My red hands pertain to the devil
and her half-killed core of love
with black yellowish tulips of my desire.

© Parth Aasim Shaaz ??
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