What leads to drug addiction

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

i have discussed in majority of articles about the upshots of drug addiction but today i feel better to discuss what are the causes which leads an individual to drug addication . Drug addication may begin with  act of taking drugs at very young age. with the passage of time a person can't do compromise not to take drugs .Nobody take drugs inorder to become an addict but they take it inorder to escape from routine problems of life . Emotional insecurity ,weak coordination between parents and  family members,Lack of parental love at home , dictatorial handling of children have been traced out root cause behind it .Easy availability and acess money leads to habit of cigarette smoking is the first step  to drug addication .The next stage ,hash smoking sets in easily .The "culture mix " you belong to ,will make you try more and more harmless expirments and lack of guidence to their children is also one of reason .some of the children to know how does it taste also leads to the beginning of drug addication .The pressure of friends for the sake of company also leads to the beginning of drugs . Addiction involves not only compulsive drugs taking but also a wide range of abnormal behaviour that can interfere in the family ,the workplace  and the broader community .it can take people towards increased risk for a wide variety of other illnesses .these illnesses can be brought on by behaviour,such as poor living and health habits ,that often accompany life as an addict or because of toxic effects of the drug itself.Because addiction has so many dimensions and disrupts as many aspects of and individual's life , treatment as such is a long process . Drug treatment must help the individual's stop using drugs and maintain a drug -free behaviour in life style , while achieving   productive functioning in the family ,at work ,and in society . 
Effective drug abuse treatment Programmes typically incorporate many components ,each directed against a particular aspect of the illness and its consquences .Scientific research has yielded majority of effective approaches to drug addication treatment .Extensive study revealed that drug addication treatment is as effective as for most of the other similarly chronic medical conditions .in lieu of scientific evidence that establishes the effectiveness of drug abuse treatment ,many people believe that treatment is ineffective.in part , this is because of unrealistic expectations.Many people equate addiction with simple using drugs and therefore expect that addiction should be cured quickly and if it is not treatment is a failure.Family and friends can  play key role in motivating individuals to remain faraway from addiction.  Involvement of family members and  family therapy is the best treatment  important especially for youths who are involved in this evil .Seminars should be organized in schools, colleges and all departments to eradicate this evil from the roots of society so that present young generation must get aware of the harmful effects of this evil.If the government bans the production of harmful drugs, smugglers bring them in illegally from abroad. But the government should take stern action against those who break the law. It is the duty of every sensible person in the society to come forward with any information related to drug dealers in their neighborhood. 
Action should be taken against those involved in buying and selling drugs in accordance with the law so that the society will get free from this drug epidemic .All the  high profile officals  have the responsibility to crack down on the spread of the drug epidemic so that young people think hundred times before making such a fatal mistake in the future. If the sensible sections of the society are unable to take action against it, then these citizens will be responsible for the destruction of the planet in near  by future, the answer to which they   have to give one day before the society as well as on the Day of Judgment. I am  hopeful that the sensible people of the society will not disappoint us and every one will contribute their best to erdicate it from the roots of society.*