By Insha Shafi Bhat

We live in the era in which digital technologies are trying to push their boundaries on becoming more advanced in technology even beyond our imagination. Digital world has given a revolution to technology. It has becoming more important in our day to day life and completely changed the human being have lived.
The intelligence demonstrated by machines is known as Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has grown to be very popular in today’s world. It is the simulation of natural intelligence in machines that are programmed to learn and mimic the actions of humans.These machines are able to learn with experience and perform human-like tasks. As technologies such as AI continue to grow, they will have a great impact on our quality of life. It’s but natural that everyone today wants to connect with AI technology somehow, mayit be as an end-user or pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence.AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is emerging as one of the most potentially discriptive theme in the digital world.
AI is changing the world and the lives of the people and is becoming the engine of growth of economic and organisation whether it is GOOGLE SEARCH , AMAZON,ALEXA, SIRI, ROBOT etc. we have already interacting with many AI driven tools in our daily activities. AI has taken a major role in acting as the main driver of upcoming hi-tech future in the world .It is shifting the information age to a completely new digital domain whether upgraded machines help to solve critical decisions and assest in diverse sectors of a country.
The purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to aid human capabilities and help us make advanced decisions with far-reaching consequences.Currently, the purpose of Artificial Intelligence is  shared by all the different tools and techniques that we’ve invented over the past thousand years – to simplify human effort, and to help us make better decisions. Artificial Intelligence is being used mostly by companies to improve their process efficiencies, automate resource-heavy tasks, and to make business predictions based on hard data rather than gut feelings. As all technology that has come before this, the research and development costs need to be subsidised by corporations and government agencies before it becomes accessible to everyday laymen.
AI emerges as a major in finding covie-19 therapies and vaccines.
AI has penetrated in every sphere. It plays an important role in transforming the world digital. The world we live today is so difficult to imagine without technology All these years we have heavily relied on artificial intelligence and informatio technology.
The writter Insha Shafi Bhat has done MCA and is working  as Computer Teacher at KV 3