Why are Teachers important in our society

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

Sheikh Maktab hai ek imarat gar
Jis ki sanat hai rohai insani

The profession of teacher is interpreted as the vocation of prophets and saints. The teacher is respected not only by his students but far and wide in the society. The noble teacher, irrespective of colour ,creed and caste or thought, considers the religious and modern education and training of all the children of the society as his duty and responsibility and it is this duty and the spirit of selfless service that gives the teacher the status of spiritual father. The position and greatness of a teacher is higher than anything . No person can be successful unless he has heartfelt respect for his teachers. When i started my teaching journey from Hanafia Paradise English Madam Middle School Shadab Karewa Shopian and was asked to write an essay on my favorite teacher in the exams during my childhood, the value of the teacher was not estimated at that time but Today, when the true meaning of the teacher is understood, it is realized that it is difficult to write the words in a string of pearls to express the greatness of the teacher. In the past, another name for education was training. Along with the parents, the teacher also had a big hand in the training. It was instilled in the minds of the children from the very beginning that the teacher has the status of a spiritual father, so his honour and respect is very important. In the same way, the teacher-student relationship was strengthened. The teacher, realizing his responsibility, used to work day and night to make the student the best . It would not be wrong to praise the teacher in these words. ”He is also a master and an architect of nation . There was a time when students used to travel miles on foot in search of knowledge. After facing the punishments of the teacher, they become jewels, but in those days, the students were polite and courteous. They were afraid to sit at the feet of the teacher, to listen to his words in silence, to make fun of him, to look away and talk. No one can be successful unless he has heartfelt respect for his teachers.
The teacher is the person who is the axis and source of education and training. In developed nations and civilized societies, the teacher has a special place and prominent position because the formation of a civilized, peaceful and conscious society is due to a single teacher. In all developed countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Malaysia and Italy, the honour and status that the teacher enjoys is not given to the presidents and prime ministers of those countries because they know that the teacher is the light that guides us in the dark. Shows. There is a ladder that takes us to the heights. It is an invaluable gift without which man is incomplete. If the teacher’s own life is meaningless and pointless, then when will he be able to cross the line of his students. If you are not a teacher and accidentally came into teaching, try to make it a hobby. Today, in this modern age, there are teachers who do good deeds, close the doors of evil, encourage children, give alms, go ahead and hold hands, help as much as they can , understand the consciousness and feeling of others, read someone’s pain, find a way to cure, remove when there is an obstacle, try to create ease when there is difficulty, scatter smiles, humanity Understand, promote humanity, are saddened by someone’s misery and take care of themselves, start every good deed, invent new ways of falling, of every victim. They support us in times of trouble, we eat together, we share sorrow, and understand pain.
Someone once asked Hazrat Omar Farooq, the greatest caliph in Islamic history, if he had any regrets in his heart despite being the caliph of such a great Islamic state. He said, “I wish I woud have remained a teacher.” History has shown that any nation that values ??a teacher is one of the most important people in the world.*
But in present materialistic society neither those teachers nor parents are of same calibre who teach their children to respect and honour the teacher. When the child does not respect the teacher, the question of learning something from reading does not arise. He can also learn something from YouTube and other social media channels. You can also teach it at home, but if he is going to the teacher, he should be taught that the teacher should be respected in all circumstances. If you are not a teacher and accidentally came into teaching, try to make it a hobby. If something becomes a hobby for you, then it becomes automatically interested in that aspect and it will be easier to get the job done.
Now education has been made a profession and a business. Now children have a degree but they do not have good morals and personality. If we talk about educational institutions today, there is more than one educational institution, but if you look closely, you will see a lack of moral values.*
We have put our future at stake only by running for degrees. In this regard, the intelligentsia of the society needs to be reconsidered, otherwise our education system has deteriorated, the negative effects of which will be seen in the near future.
I am very grateful to all my teachers who taught me to read and write, especially my respected teacher, my father Sheikh Muneer Hussain who taught me to hold a pen and this pen is my strength today.