By Umar Bashir

This is quite disturbing that valley is witnessing sprut of suicide cases day by day over a thick period of time. These like unfortunate incidents are happening in every area of valley , however Kashmir was at bottom in this list. This is really alarming and quite serious issue , we should have some intiative to control and aware people about the value , worth , importance of the Respective life. The initiatives should be started at the community or society level so that people will wake up against this serious concern and this issue will be duly attended. From our Religious teachings to Academic lessons we have been given topics and concepts about life in a very fascinating & elucidation manner but it’s really unfortunate things are happening quite easily day by day. As mentioned in our Divine Teaching in the surah Ankabutt,
“””Do the people think that they will be left alone after they have once said, “We have believed,” and they will not be tested””” it has been mentioned clearly , those who believe will be tested , so you have Believed and you will be tested genuinely . Then when you will be tested , what you have to do during passing these tests , it too has been mentioned in the next verse . our Religious scriptures always teach us and fascinate paths at every situation , condition of life , so whence we have been given tests then we have to witness and to overcome from these tests , we should ist what our Religious scripture teach . After this verse , next verse teaches us in this way as ;  Al-Quran Al-Ankaboot
“””The fact is that we have put to test all those who have gone before them . Surely, Allah has to see who are the truthful and who the liars.”””
In this Verse it has been said , those who come before have also been tested and passed through hardtimes , as Allah has to see who is Truthful and who is liar. However Allah knows clearly who is truthful , but HE wants to make you clear through this evidence , so when people who were before us or we can say our ancestors were witnessing more Hardships than us , even though they didn’t give up by making suicides or attempts then why should we do , question here arises if they were witnessing more than us , then we’re they doing through which they protect our life against such attempt  . Which means we too will follow and acquaint understanding to protect life . It’s mentioned in the another verse , Hardships and tough times come because Allah has to make you rigid , activate your potential of endurance , capability of patience as you have been given such quantity , equity and venture of patience as you will be given hardtimes , so you contain such potential but that has become deactivated due to your Own credibility to combat against small ,small things . So you have potential , capability and power of patience against any Hardship which is intended on you , so activate your interior.
Also it has been mentioned by our Beloved and one of the delightful scholar Moulana Rumi , God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.”  that means you have been given hardtimes for the stability of life , for the high fly , for the purpose of pure flourance of life , so one who will get such things and then will pass through see how much experience and successful dwell be ahead for him .
Now coming towards the next part of this topic , as life has been called struggle , it means one who is awake will show reaction and dead one doesn’t , so we have to strive against rough times with vigor and sensibility. Everyone is passing through such times but with different responses , reacts but time is unpredictable one can’t say anything when time is change and these hardtimes go , so we need to show endurance and be positive , as Mentioned in the Qur’an, so , surely with Hardtimes come ease , when we think positive and have broad peer on the day which is ahead of night then such things will give positive responses.
As everyone knows suicide is very grieve and deplore sin in our religion , so one attempt which has been announced as sin , it’s proof will had definitely regretful and rue. Suicide is not any solution whatever the situation may be or whatever a condition demands . You always have the better and thinkable duration or chance to strive against these hardtimes. You have potential , you have patience as like you have blood in your body , muscles in your body exactly have you power of combating , endurance , but you just need activation and optimisstic way . When you start Such ideas , your physce will change , hormones will change and transformation of ideas will change to find ways of combating.
In short , suicide is not solution  definitely nor because when in you were Living and at that time you don’t get solution of that problem , Hardship or any other conditions , how do you Think after your suicide it will be solution”’