Woman and our attitude

By Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

Have we ever wondered why in our society a woman gets older than a man?
Why does a daughter start seeing her mother’s sister in a few years after getting married?
The body of the most beautiful woman becomes shapeless and ugly before time. The man appears his own wife’s younger brother a few years after the marriage.
Who is responsible for this situation, the physical constitution of our society, male or female?
A woman may be physically weaker than a man, but nature has endowed her with all the faculties that enable her to not only perform the duty of reproduction, but also to maintain her structure in a way that is attractive to the man. And be the cause of happiness.
But why is it that in our society the opposite is the case.
The majority of girls in our society do not want to get married. The will of the girl is in some way a form of compromise.
In some cases, this compromise is made by the woman herself, in the background of which the element of gratitude with the love of parents and respect for the home is prominent.
And sometimes a woman is forced to surrender.
We all want the girl to get rid of her marriage duty as soon as possible, so the second or third relationship gets a yes certificate. Then usually this prayer is also offered from the bottom of the heart at the time of departure that your funeral will now rise from this house. After marriage, the woman is considered to be the first duty breeder, with additional responsibilities including husband’s service, in-laws’ upbringing, child rearing, and full responsibility of the home.
A woman who gives birth to six children in seven years and carries out the rest of her responsibilities reaches many milestones, leaving behind the pace of time. Now the thirty-year-old girl appears to be the sister of her fifty-five-year-old mother.
In this case, the man will consider the woman worthy of attention, which is the nature of the man’s inclination towards beauty.
Now this woman has a responsibility to the man she doesn’t need. She wouldn’t like to hang out with him. The taste of laughter disappears, the opportunities for entertainment become like the moon of Eid.
A woman grows old physically, but does her heart and soul grow old? Doesn’t all the desires and aspirations that are in the hearts of young men change in his heart?
One of the endless tragedies of our society is that the problems of women in our country are considered to be limited to purity, chastity, intimacy, special days and childbirth. And all of our “research” is about these issues.
A woman’s emotions, desires, psychology and needs do not have a certificate of problems.
We have to think about the reason why a girl who has been called Baba’s Ladli for twenty years at home, after five years of marriage, descends from Baba’s Ladli’s position and becomes an old woman running the family.
In our society, women do not want freedom from men.
She wants to live with men. She wants to see all the colors of life beside him
Therefore, men must include women in all the (legitimate) desires they have for themselves. It is not just a matter of earning a living, it is a responsibility to live a good and happy life.

The writer Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon  
R/o Panderathan Srinagar
A/P  Ompura Housing Colony
Note: The columnist is Edp Head in DD Target PMT Parraypora Sgr

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