Women’s Day

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

Ay Mavo ! bhano ! baiteio ! dunia ki izat tum sai hai
Mulkho ki busti hu tumie ,qumo ki izat tum sai hai

Tum gar ki hu shazadiea ,sharho ki ho abadiea
Gumge dilho ki shadiea ,dukh sukh mai Rahat tum sai hai

Woman is the most beautiful charisma of God, which is not only beautiful but God has given her feelings and emotions, love and compassion, patience and gentleness, sorrow, self-sacrifice, delicate imagination, family affairs, delicacy and sophistication. He has been sent to this world full of such qualities as good manners. The status that Allah has bestowed on a woman is unmatched by anyone else, so that a woman can build a better society in her marital life as well as in her social life. It is also said that the behind every successful man is the hand of the woman. Because it is the woman who provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for the man and supports him by becoming his shadow. she becomes his guide at every step and sincerely accompanies him.
A woman has always been a mother, sometimes a sister, sometimes a daughter, sometimes a wife. In every age it has been the victim of male oppression and violence.
It is said that the creation of man took place before the creation of woman, but after coming out of ‘jannaha’, man and woman have been living together on this earth since time immemorial. There was a biological difference between the two.
*Due to this distinction, a woman has been undergoing reproductive processes for centuries. Physically, a woman is considered weaker than a man. Emotionally, a woman has become more sensitive and moist. While a man was endowed with such qualities as being stronger, wiser, more intelligent and more thoughtful than a woman. History has shown that some men exploited women as they wished. Women have always suffered from social abuse, injustice and gender segregation. In many countries, women still do not have the right to vote. In literature and art, women are presented as ‘goods or commodities’.
Despite this, women have challenged our society.
The development and improvement of any woman is not possible unless she has access to education. And the cycle of oppression against her cannot stop till every girl gets education. Because It is not possible to imagine a happy society and home without the education of women, nor is it possible to properly train future generations. Therefore, education is essential for a woman in all circumstances, even if she is not at home, but she also needs education for proper training and upbringing of her children. In addition, at every stage of life, at every step, women must be educated and aware. Otherwise, whether it is society , civilization , literature, home or outside life, its complete development cannot be possible.

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