World at crossroads; what is the remedy

Malik Shahid
Arika Gulzar

Innumerous eras elapsed & life changed drastically, Historians work their tooth & nail to take us back towards the ancient culture, civilizations& transformation of human life.
As we take a look on the world every branch wants to approach a thing called ‘peace’. Every field from science to philosophy, every invention has a motive to reduce human effort, To make the living easiest for humans.
As for science we see it as a continuing human effort to systematize knowledge for describing and understanding nature. Scientists the backbone of this vast and significant field have sacrificed their lives for this one word called tranquility. The greatest scientists of all the time Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton: the man who defined science on a bet , Charles Darwin : delivering the evolutionary gospel, Galileo Galilei : discoverer of the cosmos, the whole group provided something that tends to the transpiration of the reality of the universe which ultimately tends to the human satisfaction.
If we take a look on the field known as philosophy, according to Aristotle philosophy is a science which discovers the real nature of supernatural elements, according to Karl marks philosophy is the interpretation of the world in order to change it, according to Levisohn philosophy is mental activity, according to Socrates philosophy is a daily activity. So by only analyzing these definitions one can interpret the whole subject smoothly.
Every philosopher gives the same kind of light and that is how to live an amicable and reposeful life. As Socrates said about life that ” The unexamined life is not worth living “.It is impossible ,Aristotle says, to be really good without wisdom and to be really wise without moral virtue”.
Now if we look at our divine book The Quran it also says:” WA JA ALNA SIRAJANW WA BA JA LNA ” [And made ( therein) the burning lump].This aayat takes us to the thought that even an atomic size system needs tranquility in process. The distance between the earth and this burning lump is fixed in such a manner that if there comes a bit alternation , everything will be destroyed. So the word tranquility, peace is the main thing that even the universe is teaching us itself.
Great political leaders tried to change the Geopolitical structure of the world & maintain the rights of every single citizen on the face of this earth. This earth has seen the astonishing revolutions led by the stalwarts like the bloodless Revolution by Greatest man earth has ever seen Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Umar bin khitaab, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, chi Guevara, Mahatma Gandhi & many more across the different fields over the different periods of life. At the same time we saw the tyrants & absolutely Ruthless dictators who spread the chaos across the seven continents of the globe. We witnessed the massacre of trillions of innocent human beings over the centuries of human history. The recent marginalization by Adolf Hitler in Germany, Joseph Stalin A communist ideologically committed to the Leninist interpretation of Marxism influenced by the ideology of Carl Marx & Lenin, Mao se Dong a Chinese communist revolutionary & A Former President of the People’s Republic ofChina are enough to be mentioned as an examples of mass murderers of Millions of innocent human beings across the Globe. Then why in spite of these great inventions, discoveries, philosophies , mankind is in such chaos? Where does the main problem reside? What encourages the man to influence the world whatsoever? After all why so hatred ?
Before coming to the main point we need to understand the concept of ideology: According to the MariamWebster’s dictionary ideology means the set of ideas and beliefs of a group or political party. So if a person believes in any particular ideology he has to firmly believe on its principles framed by that particular ideology. But the fault never lies in the mind of those who framed these ideologies. An ideology is being made only to revolutionize the world. But man fails to understand the complete philosophy of life. He is only able to touch one particular field & fails to hold on the other aspects of life. Hence ideologies succeeded in a single aspect & failed in every other aspect of life like feminism taught us to establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. But on the other hand failed to prevent the adultery & forced rapes taking place due to the intermingling of sexes. It failed to define how to feed the children &nourish them the way they must be cherished at the time of birth.
The solution to resolve this biggest problem is to find the ideology which supervise the mankind across every other aspect of life whether it be social, economy, politics, morality, science, spirituality in particular & many other aspects .Not only we have introspect on the manifesto of the said ideology but we have to look back at the historical backgrounds & it’s practical implementation. The only ideology that succeeded on the Religious & political grounds was that of Muhammad (SAW). Michael H hart in His book “The Hundred” Writes:
My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level.
(The authors are students of medical science &computer applications respectively)