You Either Love Exercise Or You Have To Drag Yourself Along To Get It Done

By Abdul Muqeet Paray
ImamSab Shopian

Exercise can firmly transform the life of addiction, depression and anxiety of the youth into a healthy, happy and flourishing life.
Exercise is not only about bodybuilding or competing in any kind of sport and is not supposed to be done by the athletes only, but everyone there in this world should be enthusiastically a fitness fanatic.
If you are fit you are healthy and being healthy means being wealthy, so the best thing is that regular exercise is one of the easiest and natural method to reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as : Heart attacks, Depression, Stroke, Blood pressure, Anxiety etc.

Physical exercise is important for every age group as it promotes healthy lifestyle so you can add years to your life. About 25% of the population in Jammu and Kashmir is obese including both men and women, the reason being junk food and sedentary lifestyle. Obese people are more prone to diseases and they live a miserable and painful life, so if this article is being read by any obese person out there I request you to wake yourself up after completion and start chasing your desired body shape and fitness level with unlimited zeal by setting short and long term goals which will help you aid your journey.
Medical science has shown that while doing physical exercises our body releases some chemicals known as “Endorphins” which work as antidepressants and lift our mood. Hence, a natural and safe way to cure your depression and anxiety so you need not to take medications against depression which work only for a certain period of time.
Since the Covid-19 and lockdown has disapprovingly affected our daily life and health, everyone out there is trying to make their immune system strong with certain supplements and medicines. But the good news here is that exercising strengthens your immunity naturally and is long lasting. Physical exercise fights against insomnia as well as improves sleep quality, people who can’t sleep well should try this legitimate therapy instead of taking sleeping pills.
Not only men but women also need physical exercise equally as men, there are women who suffer from joint pains mainly however, I guarantee you painless life if you are consistent with workouts and follow a proper diet plan.

The rising suicidal Ideations can be diminished if you engage yourself in enhancing your overall fitness. You can make your entire day more fresh by doing a minimum 30 minutes of exercise which in turn enhances your brain health and boost your memory power.
Stop living a sedentary lifestyle and giving excuses to yourself, get up push yourself and start training today not tomorrow because you will be doing it for yourself by yourself.
Being fit not only promotes your overall health but also develops your personality, positive attitude and makes your life more disciplined. Achieving goals gets more easier if you are mentally strong enough and nothing can impede your way unless you are ardent about your goals. Follow your goals with all senses, do not deal remissly with your passion. Analyse yourself, be confident, make a promise and never renege on that.